[XMAS RESULTS] Sythe Monthly [December/January]

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[XMAS RESULTS] Sythe Monthly [December/January]
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    [XMAS RESULTS] Sythe Monthly [December/January]

    (December 2016 & January 2017)​
    To say the least, December was an eventful month! An almost entirely new CDT brought you one of the best Winter holiday event seasons hosted here on Sythe. With over $1000 in prizes, exclusive miniranks, and yet another funrank, we couldn't thank everyone enough for participating! Please give a giant kudos and thank you to this year's Official Sponsor, @Bogla.​

    Sythe Awards

    This year's awards had so much competition! With every vote counted, except self votes of course, these individuals have received their exclusive 2016 Sythe Awards Minirank! The voting thread can be found here.


    2016 Winter Events
    This year's holiday events were packed full of exciting things! We brought you the classic minirank creation event, an addicting flash game, another creative writing event, and friendly competition within the community! That being said, the results are in! You can find the master thread for the 2016 Winter Events here.

    In order to keep track of participation and fairly give a chance at the Crack Head Funrank raffle & Santa's Stocking Surprise, we used a basic point-based system. The full record of points can be found here.​
    Christmas Minirank Designing Competition
    The event thread can be found here.
    The winner received one of their own minirank, $25, and 2 participation points towards the Cracker Head Funrank raffle.

    All participants received 50 Sythe Gold and 1 participation point.

    Without further ado, I present to you the winning minirank for the 2016 Winter Events: [​IMG]

    Congratulations to Mudzilla for winning this year's competition and thank you for such an awesome minirank.​
    Help Santa Fly Gaming Event
    The event thread can be found here.
    Santa needed our help to save Christmas, but who were the real MVPs? Check below to find out!

    TySimpson won first place and received $75 as well as 3 participation points.

    Mootrucks won second place and received $50 as well as 2 participation points.

    ItzChaos won third place and received $25 and 1 participation point.

    All participants received 50 Sythe Gold and 1 participation point.
    Drawing Competition

    The event thread can be found here.
    Which ones of Santa's new elves were the most creative? Santa thanks his top three helpers!

    petruska won first place and received $100 as well as 3 participation points.

    JayiARTS won second place and received $50 and 2 participation points.

    Killswitch won third place and received $25 as well as 1 participation point.

    All participants received 50 Sythe Gold and 1 participation point.
    Picture-taking Competition
    The event thread can be found here.
    Christmas is full of cheer and beautiful scenery so it only seemed right to have some sort of picture event. These people were able to capture Christmas perfectly in one picture.

    Tyler won first place and received $60 as well as 3 participation points.

    WhoNeedsAChaser won second place and received $40 as well as 2 participation points.

    Jake won third place and received $25 as well as 1 participation point.

    All participants received 50 Sythe Gold and 1 participation point.
    Creative Writing Event
    The event thread can be found here.
    What better way to celebrate the holidays than writing short stories? These people dedicated so much time to express their Christmas spirit with us and we couldn't thank them enough for the good reads.

    Yankiee won first place and received $100 as well as 3 participation points.
    “Elli, don’t forget your jacket!”

    With dusk turning into night, it was time to head over to Grandpa Nick’s. Being only 12,
    you’d think I wasn’t an avid helper when it came to Christmas Eve, but this wasn’t
    something new for me.

    “You know it gets cold out there. And grab your mittens. I don’t want you catching a cold.
    I also have your hat right he-“

    “Lisa, let the boy be. This isn’t his first Eve delivering presents with my dad. He’ll be
    fine.” Dad couldn’t help but have a grin of enjoyment on his face from the teasing.

    “Yeah Mom, I’ll be fine. I’m already 5 minutes late, I need to get going,” I explained.

    With a little hesitation, she put the hat on my head, gave me a kiss on the forehead,
    and sent me out the front door.

    On the way to Grandpa’s, I looked up at the sky and was pleased to see it
    illuminating with a rainbow of colors. The Christmas lights that the town had
    decorated every tree, lamppost, and building with were definitely bringing a little
    spirit to the season. I thought I might as well be living in the city if I couldn’t see the
    stars with all these lights, but I guess living in a small town isn’t so bad when Santa
    Claus is your Grandpa.

    As I approached Grandpa’s house, I saw the Reindeer in the side lawn and started to
    head their way. Of course as soon as they saw me, Vixen & Comet ran over to me.

    “Hey Elli!” greeted Vixen.
    “Yeah, hey Elli!” repeated Comet.
    “Boy, are we glad to see you!”
    “Hey guys. I see you’re all ready to go. Where’s Grandpa?”
    “Oh, he’s inside!” shouted Donner.

    As if he knew I had arrived just then, Grandpa came outside.

    “There’s my boy. I was just brewing some tea. Are you ready to go?” he questioned.
    “Always ready!” I couldn’t contain my excitement that I was grinning from ear to
    ear. Every Christmas is more exciting than the last.

    I connected all the reindeer to the sleigh and Grandpa & I got on board.
    “Where to first?” The map that was on the sleigh’s dashboard was blinking on

    “Sydney.” With the press of a button, the sleigh dashed forward faster than thought
    possible and we arrived above Sydney in the matter of minutes.

    “The Winchesters at 108 Oak Drive have 3 kids; go ahead and look for them in the
    registry and request the presents be transported.”

    While following Grandpa’s instruction, a big red X appeared on the screen.

    “Grandpa, what is this? What’s happening?”
    A solemn look came across his face. He quietly said, “Sky Pirates…”

    I looked behind us to see where the signal was coming from when a black flying ship
    was speeding towards us. I could see what looked like elves waving around guns but
    that couldn’t be because elves were Grandpa’s helpers.

    Dasher & Blitzen ran faster and faster but to their failure, the gap was only

    Grandpa was typing in the console on the dashboard when I turned back around.
    The cover of the sleigh came down and then glistened with a white glare. Guns came
    out of the side of the sleigh and cocked as a sign that they were ready to be used.

    “Alright, I got the shield up & weapons ready. Listen Elli, what’s about to happen is
    not going to end well. I’m going to call for back up and we’ll have to abandon the
    mission for now.”

    “Are we in trouble? Who are these elves?” I asked.
    “They’re Dark Elves from the South Pole. My brother Mike lives there. We were at
    war for over a decade up until right before you were born.”

    “Why? What happened? Why are they coming back now?”
    “Mike & I used to do this gig together back in the day but that all ended when he
    wanted to lie about the naughty & nice lists and keep presents for himself. He left
    with some like-minded elves to start up their own Christmas company.”
    Gunfire began to fill the crisp night air.

    “Get down!” Grandpa shouted.

    Rudolph’s nose lit up brighter than I’ve ever seen it & shot a beam of light up into
    the air. It seemed to serve as some sort of signal.

    “Engage the Pirates, Vixen.”

    Vixen nodded and turned the sleigh around. We began to head straight for the
    pirate ship. I wasn’t sure if we were going to collide or not. At the last possible
    second, both the ship and our sleigh turned on their sides and just barely missed
    each other.

    For a few seconds, we still were going in opposite directions, but then we both
    turned around and headed straight for one another again. That’s when I noticed
    more ships in the background.

    A bit nervous, I said, “Grandpa. I think they called for some help.”

    “Don’t worry, boy, I’ll take care of this. Just go ahead and look behind you to see
    how many friends we have too.” What looked like an army of elves from the North
    Pole was in our backline.

    Grandpa seemed so calm and ready. Never really looking so intently at his face
    before, I could see what looked like a dozen tiny scars scattered across his face.
    He had the stature of a man who has seen things worse than death in war. I
    never knew this side of Grandpa.

    The guns on the side of the sleigh began to fire rapidly at the frontline of the elf
    convoy. These guns seemed to have an EMP effect on the ships, as three of their
    ships began to descent to the land below us.

    A loud roar filled the sky when a giant mother ship emerged from the clouds. There
    was a paint job on the side that showed a black bearded man standing on top of a
    white bearded man in a victorious setting; that must be Grandpa and his brother.
    How cynical.

    Olive piped in, “Don’t you think we’re a little unprepared for this, Nick?”
    “Don’t worry Olive. We won before & we can win again. That’s not Christmas spirit
    I hear in your voice!”

    As our army of elf friends caught up with us, so did the enemy convoy. Every ship
    and elf came to a complete halt. A smaller ship emerged from the mother ship and
    approached the sleigh.

    Still out of range to be attacked and well guarded by multiple other ships, an
    unnamed man spoke from a speakerphone.

    “You’re going to lose this. Give us the presents. This is our year to get back in
    business, to finally return to our rightful place on the throne.”
    “All of these demands with no actions to back up the fear of danger.” Grandpa was
    wearing the face he does when he plays Poker with Dad and his friends.
    “You know of what we’re capable. Have you ever thought that it’s not safe to bring a
    twelve-year-old boy on a trip like this? I won’t ask again, now give me the presents.”

    All of the enemy ships shifted into an offensive position.
    Grandpa turned to me and said, “I need you to request a transport for three things: a
    5b RSGP voucher, the EMP transmitter, and the Chronoclastic Timewatch.”

    I’ve never heard of any three of these things before but followed Grandpa’s

    The standoff continued for a few minutes until the transporter dock made a noise to
    indicate arrival of our requested items. Grandpa first reached for the EMP
    transmitter and seemingly set it up to use. Next, he grabbed the 5b RSGP voucher.

    He spoke again, “I have a proposal. We both know you only care about the money
    involved in this situation. Let me continue my work as Santa Claus and make every
    kid in the world happy for a week or two.”

    Not responding for a moment, I thought that the convoy was going to finally advance
    on us in disapproval, until I saw the ships return to a lax stance.

    “What’s the proposal? Don’t think I won’t destroy you and everything you love.”
    “If you were to destroy everything I love, you would cease to exist; think twice
    before you make empty threats like that.” Grandpa put the voucher in his launch
    drone and sent it to Mike’s ship.

    “This… I… It can’t be. RealistGold not only has the cheapest prices, but they don’t
    require ID, registration, or e-mail forwarding. Not to mention that the trades are
    risk free. This… this is worthy to end a century-long feud. Thank you brother.”

    Mike began to laugh in an overexcited response.

    We could see Mike communicating to the elf convoy and they all began to leave back
    to what I assumed was the South Pole.

    Mike continued, “I know all you try to do is make kids happy. I’d like you to split up
    this voucher and give it to as many kids as you can. I learned something valuable
    today; you’ve showed me true kindness. I’m sorry, brother. Visit once and a while.”

    Mike sent the drone back with the voucher inside and he went back to his

    “Now, back to Christmas,” I thought.
    “Elli, press the Chronoclastic Timewatch. It will stop time for approximately four
    hours, which gives us just enough time before midnight to deliver presents in every
    country.” And so I did, and we saved Christmas.

    On the way back to the North Pole, I thought about all the amazing stories Grandpa
    would have to tell me. He has probably fought thousands of elves. And what about
    the reindeer? I wonder if Dad participated in this war.

    It took a lot longer to return to the North Pole than it took us to travel to Australia,
    but I wasn’t bothered much. It’s pretty easy to fall asleep on a flying sleigh; there’s
    no traffic or noise aside from the reindeer making jokes and laughing with each

    When we did arrive, Grandpa dropped me off right at home. The last thing he said
    to me was, “Don’t tell your mother.”

    As I walked through the front door, the lights turned on and a bunch of friends &
    family popped up from behind furniture. The clock had just turned midnight in the
    most western part of the world.

    “Happy birthday Elli!”

    I suppose this could remain our little secret.

    Felix won second place and received $50 as well as 2 participation points.
    The day is Christmas Eve 2016, we just finished the final stretch in getting all of these gifts wrapped up. Everything seemed to be in place. The ribbons on top of each box were perfectly aligned, sparkling and shining with Christmas joy. Just like any other year, the best feeling is finishing up reading through millions of wish lists, deciding who was naughty versus who was nice, and getting all of the gifts wrapped and ready for delivery. Mr. Claus, myself and Talon are all ready to get these gifts delivered to all.
    Mr. Claus had just finished loading the sleigh, along with Talon and myself. The reindeer took off, and we were on our way to deliver all the presents. The snow felt like it was hitting harder than usual, then Talon thoroughly explained to me thermodynamics and the Newton’s three laws, as Talon is and always will be one of the more brilliant people to walk this planet. He explained to me that as the sleigh goes faster and increases its velocity, the snow feels like it’s falling harder than it actually is, especially if you take into consideration wind speed and the snow’s terminal velocity due to Earth’s gravitational pull. To overcome this, Talon built us a shield in roughly five seconds, allowing us to be protected from the snow fall. This happens every year, however my dementia kicks in almost every time. Another problem we ran into was that we caught a house burglar, one of our own elves. That’s right, it was Jefe, he somehow snuck into the back of our presents bag. He saw me put $100 in one of the gifts and decided to go for it. I knew Jefe, he was one of the hardest working elves we had in the ADT, and he betrayed our trust like a madman. Talon and I didn’t know what to do, but Mr. Claus sure did. He immediately banned him from the North Pole, and then proceeded to murder him as well as his entire family. Another obstacle we came across was that one of the chimneys was far too tight for Santa to squeeze through. So, he just raided the house and planted the presents, no big deal, right? It turns out the house is home to Gun, who had a massive double-barrel shotgun pointed directly at Mr. Claus. Before he fired, he screamed “Explain yourself! Who the fuck are you? Make me leader lol”. Mr. Claus couldn’t bare the sheer autism, it was almost enough for him to just say “fuck this, pull the trigger already.” But no, it wasn’t enough to push him over the edge. Until, Bogdan, in his underwear and notorious black shirt, came out and said, “W-w-w-w-w-w-w-w-w-w-w-w-w-w-w-w-w-w-w-w-w-w-w-w-w-w-w-w-w-w-w-w-w-w-w-w-w-w-w-hoa it’s Santa!” Mr. Claus then told Gun to pull the trigger. He died. It was just me and Talon. We ran for it. We took the sleigh and got away. We finished delivering the presents, but on that night, we remembered what had happened. That night we saw what could not be unseen. We saw him.

    Mr Extremez won third place and received $25 and 1 participation point.
    How the Grinch Almost Ruined Christmas

    Christmas is a holiday of fun and joy for many children around the world. One of the important things that need to be done for children to enjoy Christmas is the creation of their gifts by the elves. Christmas present making takes place year round to ensure everyone will get the gifts that they ask for. The process seems very simple, the elves are instructed on what gifts to make in their workshop and then they create them. However, one day a normal day turned into a disaster…

    It was Christmas Eve, all of the gifts were ready for the children to enjoy. The gifts were all moved into Santa’s bag and placed into his sleigh. It was 10:00 P.M. on Christmas Eve when Santa began to prepare his reindeer for the ride around the world. Santa decided it would be smart to make sure all of the gifts were in his bag. To Santa’s surprise when he opened up the bag all of the gifts were gone!

    What started as a great and exciting night turned into mayhem within a matter of minutes at the north pole. Santa was not sure how all of his presents had suddenly disappeared. He asked all of his elves and helpers if they had any idea where all the gifts had gone. No one had any idea; Christmas was ruined!

    Everything changed when a little red headed elf approached Santa and told Santa he saw a green figure snooping around the workshop earlier. Santa told the little elf why didn’t he just say so; Santa knew exactly who the culprit was in the stealing of the gifts. It was the evil Grinch!

    Santa prepared all of his reindeer and drove to the Grinch's home. Santa snuck up on the Grinch and told him they could do it the easy way or the hard way. The Grinch told Santa he would never get his gifts back. Santa then said it seems you have choose the hard way. Santa went back to his sleigh and grabbed out his twelve barrel shotgun. He loaded the gun and removed the safety. Santa pointed it at the Grinch's face and said you have one last chance to give me the gifts before I shoot this gun. The Grinch said never and tried to attack Santa, but it was in that moment that the Grinch’s fatal decision to attack Santa killed him.

    It was 11:30 P.M. and the gift’s were scheduled to start delivering at 12:00 A.M. on the dot. There was only one issue, Santa's gifts were nowhere to be found. Santa called on his reindeers to sniff out the gifts. To Santa’s amazement the gifts were buried 5,000 feet underground in a giant warehouse where the Grinch had put many innocent children to work around the clock.

    Christmas would have a happen ending after all. Santa, with the help of his elves and reindeer was able to bring all the children back home, and deliver all of the gifts successfully. Christmas was saved and all of Santa’s helpers were beyond ecstatic. If one thing can be learned from this night, it is do not mess with Santa if you don’t want to get a nice piece of shotgun in your face.

    The end!

    All participants received 50 Sythe Gold and 1 participation point.
    Santa's Stocking Surprise
    The event thread can be found here.
    If you participated in at least three events (or had at least 3 participation points), you got the chance to enter this exclusive raffle!

    Everyone who participated either received a gift for being "nice" or a task for being "naughty."


    @BumBum, @ItzChaos, @Boney, and @SPM322 all received a 2016 Christmas Minirank!


    @Sonia was a lucky winner and was the only one to win a Poké Prizebox!

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    These people received a 2016 Christmas Minirank and the option to send one to a friend!
    @Mudzilla @PlanBUK @Jake @Add My Msn @Sneaky Fish5


    These people received $10 and a Sythe Prizebox to gift to a friend!
    @jackthehackm8 @GuyFrank


    These people received the Special Snowflake minirank!
    @Island @Yankiee @petruska @Really Swell @Bonesack @Teeto @Dino @Soul @Mia Malkova


    Congratulations to Yankiee for winning the Cracker Head funrank!
    Free Donor Rank Event
    The event thread can be found here.
    Ever been lucky with the dice? This event handed out free $5 donor ranks to the people with the best rolls!

    Community Dev Team News
    Mootrucks has been single-handedly running CDT this holiday, and we would like to thank him for his efforts on a job well done!

    We'd like to introduce and welcome Yankiee as the new co-leader of the Community Development Team. Thank you to all others who applied for the position and we hope to see you stick around for the next elections! :)

    We would also like to welcome BlackBlasses, T1N0, John, Time To Buy, and Azie to the team!

    Weekly Events
    Going back to before Christmas events began, we hosted the 5th Weekly Event featuring zlap.io. Prizes included a Sythe Prizebox and quite a bit of Sythe Gold.

    Boney placed first with a score of unknown (youtube video private), winning a Sythe Prizebox.

    Xusifixer placed second with a score of 58, winning 700 Sythe Gold.

    Teeto placed third with a score of 43, winning 350 Sythe Gold.

    With Christmas events taking extra time into January to conclude, we resumed the weekly events on January 7th with slither.io ([CDT] Weekly Event #6 [Pokeball Prizebox Prizes & More]). Due to popular demand, TWO Poké Prizeboxes were included in this week's prizes.

    i luv vayne placed first with a score of 33k, winning a Poké Prizebox and 250 Sythe Gold.

    2007GoldMan placed second with a score of 28k, winning a Poké Prizebox.

    VanDaFall placed third with a score of 19k, winning 350 Sythe Gold.

    Continuing on to Weekly Event #7, we featured the Ski Safari Online game which was hosted by Island. This week's prizes included two exclusive Special Snowflake miniranks and some Sythe Gold.

    VanDaFall placed first with a score of 1371k, winning a Special Snowflake minirank and 500 Sythe Gold.

    BlackBlasses placed second with a score of 974k, winning a Special Snowflake minirank.

    Teeto placed third with a score of 330k, winning 300 Sythe Gold.

    Weekly Event #8 featured Winterbells which was hosted by Tyler. This Weekly Event held the best prizes yet to include a cash prize, two more exclusive Special Snowflake miniranks, as well as forth & fifth place winners for the first time ever!

    LolAccounts placed first with a score of 8.8 Trillion, winning a $15 cash prize.

    GW AS placed second with a score of 17 Billion, winning a Special Snowflake minirank.

    BlackBlasses placed third with a score of 1.2 Billion, winning a Special Snowflake minirank.

    Rsplayer45 placed forth with a score of 26 Million, winning a Sythe Prizebox.

    VanDaFall placed fifth with a score of 8.2 Million, winning 350 Sythe Gold.

    As of right now Weekly Event #9 is in progress, the game featured is Oceanar.io, a game where you can compete against other players all over the world to become the strongest group of fish.​
    We would love to hear any and all suggestions & feedback that you have here. We truly value what the community has to say and wants to see next, so please make your thoughts & concerns heard.

    Pool Tournament

    In December Mootrucks started hosting a Sythe 8-Ball Pool tournament, the tournament is currently in the semi-finals and will be over within a few days, you can view the pool tournament thread here.

    Alternatively you can view the bracket here.

    Staff Promotions

    Congratulations to @Moes and @malakadang for being promoted to Global Moderators and to @FireZ for being promoted to Administrator.

    We would also like to welcome back @Excelont as a Market & Graphics Moderator and @Time To Buy as a Global Moderator. Time To Buy has since stepped down due to school and does plan to return.

    Winter Promotions included @Azie as a RuneScape Moderator, @Killswitch as Our Community Moderator, @Arcane as a Market Moderator, and @Yankiee as an Off-Topic Moderator.

    All are doing exceptionally well; thank you for your contribution to the site.​
    Staff Questionnaire
    1. What is your favorite anime?

    2. What are your thoughts on the Weekly Events the CDT has been putting out? Do you plan on participating in one in the future?

    3 (optional) How do you feel about Donald Trump being president of the United States?

    1. Death Note is still my favorite but Mob Psycho 100 is up there too.

    2. I think the weekly events are an amazing attempt at involving the community and do their job well. Gold star for Overlord Mooman. I definitely want to participate more in the future.

    3. Upset lol.
    1. Black Lagoon

    2. Weekly event are great and are keeping the community involved!

    3. No comment.
    1. Fate/Zero

    2. I like the idea of weekly events to bring the community together, but browser games aren't my type so I don't see myself participating in them. I would like to see the CDT host a Sythe CS:GO tournament in the future though. :)

    3. xD
    1. I don't watch TV.

    2. Weekly events are the best thing CDT has done in a while. Major props to Mootrucks for spearheading the charge. And yes!

    3. Not good.
    1. Beyblade

    2. Good events but seem the same thing just different game recently. Maybe try expanding on platforms from just PC-based actives. Could try game consoles/phone games. Could try hosting competitions such as poker or something.

    3. Sad.
    1. Not into it at all.

    2. They are great. Plan on participating sometime as I have time.

    3. He's making America great again.
    1. I don't watch much anime, but Shiki is a good one.

    2. Don't follow them - let me know if there's a poker competition though!

    3. Better than the alternative. However, given that he is now president, ambivalent. I think he will be good on economic issues, will help some social issues, and will have an extremely negative effect on other social issues. Overall a net good.
    1. Not my thing.

    2. I like it. It's good to have some community activities. Maybe I will participate.

    3. I like reading about his activities, he's a good entertainer.
    1. Haven't watched one. Started watching one Mootrucks recommended, but never finished it.

    2. I used to love participating in those, however I simply don't find the time to participate in them anymore, unfortunately. They're great though.

    3. I'm a bit scared that he'll fuck America up, and that the next president will have to spend months if not years solving what he did. For example not allowing someone in your country simply because of where they're born, that's textbook racism which I don't agree with. Then again look at Europe, which is full with immigrants, I understand that he doesn't want anything bad happening to the US. I don't think isolating yourself will solve the problem though, it will most likely extend it. He has some very tough decisions to make and I just hope he makes the right ones for humanity. I fear that he is too focused on his own country that he's losing track of everything else around him.
    1. Every time I watch a show, it kind of becomes my favorite one ;p But if I had to pick one, it would be FMA Brotherhood.

    2. I love them! I hope CDT continues to host them, and yes, I plan on participating in as many as I can.

    3. I'm not a fan at all. He's going to do irreversible damage to our country, the world, and the environment. Of course I hope he proves me wrong, but his record throughout his life, his rhetoric during the campaign, and his performance in his first week of office do not leave me hopeful.

    Public Relations Team Changes
    A lot of changes were made to the PR team in December & January. You can view the full threads here and here.

    Thank you to @Tyler and @Im Solo for taking lead on the PR team.

    Other changes include Hahanerd, i luv vayne, and Island joining the team as well as Soul, Aroxez, Buyacc, and Really Swell departing from the team.

    The PR team is always looking for new talent to include content creators for our social media page(s). You can apply here.​
    Interview with Tyler from PR
    For this month's edition, Time To Buy interviewed Tyler to hear his Sythe story and find out his plans for the future of the PR team and CDT.

    You can listen to the interview here.​

    Technical Core Changes
    We would like to welcome GuyFrank, Mormaii, Syfiends, Ritysayo, and iJava to the team. Unfortunately, in the same turn, we said our farewell to VanDaFall.

    The Sythe RSPS developers have been working hard on the Sythe RSPS, with @Artur taking the lead as Sythe RSPS Project Leader. A big shout out to Syfiends for all he does on the server. Thank you for the continuous effort to make a working game server that so many of us are excited to play. Stay tuned for an upcoming trailer and more news about the launch!​
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    [XMAS RESULTS] Sythe Monthly [December/January]


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    [XMAS RESULTS] Sythe Monthly [December/January]

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    Felix RIP to Lame, Jon, and n4n0. You will be missed <3

    [XMAS RESULTS] Sythe Monthly [December/January]

    good job cdt

    I'm still not sure how @Syed didn't win first place in every event, but still alright
  9. Unread #5 - Feb 1, 2017 at 11:58 PM
  10. Pure
    Sep 13, 2015
    Sythe Gold:

    Pure Check out www.CheapRSGP.com for GREAT RATES on 07 & RS3 GOLD!

    [XMAS RESULTS] Sythe Monthly [December/January]

    Well written, good job CDT. Still going through everything.
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  11. Unread #6 - Feb 1, 2017 at 11:59 PM
  12. Jason
    Mar 11, 2013
    Sythe Gold:
    Sythe Awards 2018 Winner Supporting Business GFX Forum Participant Live Streamer Signature of the Month Winner Two Factor Authentication User Twitter Dragon Claws
    SOTMx2 Facebook Promoter

    Jason i guess they never miss huh
    $200 USD Donor New Market Moderators Graphics Moderators

    [XMAS RESULTS] Sythe Monthly [December/January]

  13. Unread #7 - Feb 2, 2017 at 12:01 AM
  14. Mootrucks
    May 16, 2015
    Sythe Gold:
    Massachusetts, USA
    In Memory of Jon League of Legends Tournament Winner Embar Tier 1 Prizebox (22) RsProd (3) Christmas 2018 Sythe Awards 2018 Winner
    Halloween 2018 Poképedia Heidy Easter 2013 Green Finger Christmas 2013 Homosex (4) Tier 4 Prizebox

    Mootrucks Hero

    [XMAS RESULTS] Sythe Monthly [December/January]

    Hope you guys like this, I know I do, short but sweet. Be sure to comment who you'd like to see get interviewed next!

    I want to see @Sythe/Richard interviewed.

    True, will fix that part up, he'll be back in a few weeks though.
    Last edited: Feb 2, 2017
  15. Unread #8 - Feb 2, 2017 at 12:33 AM
  16. Artur
    Jul 21, 2009
    Sythe Gold:
    Dragon Claws Halloween 2018 Christmas 2018 Poképedia (2) <3 n4n0 Community Development Team Member Pokémon Trainer (2)

    Artur Feel free to PM me with any questions!
    $200 USD Donor New CDT Leader

    [XMAS RESULTS] Sythe Monthly [December/January]

    Great work guys :D
  17. Unread #9 - Feb 2, 2017 at 12:52 AM
  18. PlanBUK
    Nov 26, 2015
    Sythe Gold:
    Pizza Muncher Christmas 2016 (2)

    PlanBUK ADT Director
    PlanBUK Donor

    [XMAS RESULTS] Sythe Monthly [December/January]

    Why arent you returning my calls?
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  19. Unread #10 - Feb 2, 2017 at 12:53 AM
  20. Heads447
    Jan 19, 2012
    Sythe Gold:

    Heads447 R.I.P in peace

    [XMAS RESULTS] Sythe Monthly [December/January]

    well written
  21. Unread #11 - Feb 2, 2017 at 12:56 AM
  22. jackthehackm8
    Dec 17, 2014
    Sythe Gold:
    Writing Competition Winner Rio 2016 Paper Trading Competition Participant SytheSteamer Green eggs and spam Spam Forum Participant Runescape Participant Community Participant Two Factor Authentication User Donor Lounge Participant
    Valentine's Day 2018 Dragon Claws Easter 2018 St. Patrick's Day 2018 Lawrence Poképedia Snowflake

    jackthehackm8 Guru
    $5 USD Donor New

    [XMAS RESULTS] Sythe Monthly [December/January]

    am i even on here
  23. Unread #12 - Feb 2, 2017 at 1:20 AM
  24. Chloe
    Jan 6, 2013
    Sythe Gold:
    Teddiursa Ninetales Skitty Heidy (2) STEVE Snowflake Member of the Month Winner

    Chloe Always available to Middleman!

    [XMAS RESULTS] Sythe Monthly [December/January]

    I can't see who won the awards? Just me?
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  25. Unread #13 - Feb 2, 2017 at 1:30 AM
  26. Mootrucks
    May 16, 2015
    Sythe Gold:
    Massachusetts, USA
    In Memory of Jon League of Legends Tournament Winner Embar Tier 1 Prizebox (22) RsProd (3) Christmas 2018 Sythe Awards 2018 Winner
    Halloween 2018 Poképedia Heidy Easter 2013 Green Finger Christmas 2013 Homosex (4) Tier 4 Prizebox

    Mootrucks Hero

    [XMAS RESULTS] Sythe Monthly [December/January]

    It works fine for me, what do you see when you click the results spoiler?
  27. Unread #14 - Feb 2, 2017 at 2:31 AM
  28. Sonia
    Aug 7, 2012
    Sythe Gold:
    Skype is soniasythe
    London, UK.
    <3 n4n0 Ninja Voluntaryist Two Factor Authentication User Community Participant Support Center Participant Why can't I hold all of these feels? Writing Competition Winner In Memory of Jon Valentines Day 2017 (3)
    Valentine's Day 2016 Pokémon Trainer Arcanine Ho-Oh Lugia Aipom Cacturne Togepi Penguin Diamond

    Sonia A Beautiful Soul and a Heart of Gold. <3
    $200 USD Donor New

    [XMAS RESULTS] Sythe Monthly [December/January]

    Hmm intriguing, kinda expected bit more considering took so long , or atleast it being better looking. 8) Definitely prefer the previous quarterlies. Also you guys excluded sotms. ...and I guess there wasn't much news. Yus yus #hardestcritic

    Haha. Thanks to whomever put effort in to this double monthly, gz yankiee on CDT Leader.

    Nice to see my name pop up in them votes ;) Also I was only rewarded 50sg for writing and drawing event, I participated in all events. I suggest you guys re visit that.

    I'll watch tha interview later.

    Thx y'all again & @Bogla :)
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  29. Unread #15 - Feb 2, 2017 at 5:39 AM
  30. Scotty
    Jul 22, 2008
    Sythe Gold:
    the moon
    Sharpedo Gracious Le Kingdoms Player Signature of the Month Winner

    Scotty Guru
    $300 USD Donor New

    [XMAS RESULTS] Sythe Monthly [December/January]

    lmao an interview with tyler? what a gift
  31. Unread #16 - Feb 2, 2017 at 5:51 AM
  32. Sebast
    Jul 26, 2016
    Sythe Gold:
    Detective Two Factor Authentication User

    Sebast Trollegiance among my fellow trollers..
    $100 USD Donor New

    [XMAS RESULTS] Sythe Monthly [December/January]

    my name is on the thread - epic name of all.. thank you all

    OT: Dope.
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  33. Unread #17 - Feb 2, 2017 at 7:01 AM
  34. BlackBlasses
    Apr 4, 2016
    Sythe Gold:
    Lion King Summer 2016 St. Patrick's Day 2017 Christmas 2015 Easter 2017 Valentine's Day 2018 Gohan has AIDS <3 n4n0 Pokémon Trainer I can count to potato!
    Member of the Month Winner Sythe Awards 2018 Winner Village Drunk Heidy Le Monkey UWotM8? Not sure if srs or just newfag... Halloween 2018 Rust Player Homosex
    Community Development Team Member Wubba Lubba Dub Dub Community Participant Summer 2018 Brony Potamus Summer 2017 Tier 1 Prizebox Shitting Rainbow


    Ripple XRP The Future of Banking

    CDT Leader BlackBlasses Donor

    [XMAS RESULTS] Sythe Monthly [December/January]

    ^ Island likes this.
  35. Unread #18 - Feb 2, 2017 at 7:13 AM
  36. Wortel
    Jan 17, 2016
    Sythe Gold:
    FlyingToast ♥
    FlyingToast ♥
    Carrot Sythe Awards 2018 Winner Detective OG Club SytheSteamer Steam Account Verifier Two Factor Authentication User
    Dolan Duck

    Wortel Hire a Venezuelan Today

    [XMAS RESULTS] Sythe Monthly [December/January]

    Thanks alot @Bogla for sponsoring Sythe in all those events. Without you this all wouldn't be so great. Thanks CDT and all the other teams for setting this up. Well written too. Congrats to all winners.
  37. Unread #19 - Feb 2, 2017 at 8:18 AM
  38. Jack
    Feb 20, 2011
    Sythe Gold:
    New Zealand
    Member of the Month Winner Sythe's 10th Anniversary Wubba Lubba Dub Dub The Mortyest Morty Sythe Awards 2012 Winner Le Kingdoms Player Two Factor Authentication User Spam Forum Participant I'm LAAAAAAAME
    Signature of the Month Winner

    Jack The Infamous Spam Forum King
    Retired Administrator Cool Cat Legendary

    [XMAS RESULTS] Sythe Monthly [December/January]

    Lmao came 3rd in two categories
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  39. Unread #20 - Feb 2, 2017 at 11:33 AM
  40. Dunworry
    Jul 15, 2014
    Sythe Gold:
    In Memory of Jon Dragon Claws

    Dunworry Legend

    [XMAS RESULTS] Sythe Monthly [December/January]

    same lol
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