Pendelum's Feedback Thread

Discussion in 'Individual Staff Feedback' started by Pendulum, Jan 31, 2018.

Pendelum's Feedback Thread
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    Pendelum's Feedback Thread

    You wait till I get back.

    Just kidding, you’re doing an insane job there and in no way I could tip it off that well. Keep it up.
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    Pendelum's Feedback Thread

    Great work in discovering the hidden vader that scammed me a year ago. I lost just under $400 to a PoS that I was generous and kind to, just as I am to most around here that show respect. Thankfully Pendulum saw an IP match between someone that was scammed and about to get $130 back that they *did* deserve in a weird way.

    Very thankful for Pendulum's attention to detail and checking the small details to catch an awful person in our community. $385 is no small amount. Very grateful.
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