Hattez TWC Dispute

Discussion in 'Dispute a Ban or TWC' started by hattez, May 15, 2017.

Hattez TWC Dispute
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  2. hattez
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    Hattez TWC Dispute

    Link to/reason for TWC: Private report made by Chad/Elite Dust. Audio recording of a teamspeak conversation. I was clearly trolling/pissing chad and milotic off. Here's my dispute thread: Hattez Ban Dispute.
    List of vouches since receiving TWC:

    Non sythe vouch's:
    Removed gyazo's

    Reasoning/explanation for sketchy behaviour leading to TWC: My accounts were tweeted accidentally by Chad. In my anger i spewed any and all bullshit I could at him. I wanted him to feel uncomfortable and sketched out. I wanted him to know how it feels to fear for your in game wealth. I never actually carried out any of my threats. No proof was ever displayed or linked. I am also curious as to why you're using audio recordings as evidence anyways? How to Report a Scammer; Report Templates + Video Tutorial rule #6 "Voice chats are not proof".

    Anything else you wish to say: I'm not a threat to the community. I've only ever conducted legitimate business over my several years on this forum. These vouch's dont represent my actual trust either. I do FAR more trades on a daily basis. I dont usually collect or ask for vouch's. I actively stake in 07/rs3. I handle splits upwards of 10b rs3 and 2b 07. I share multiple accounts with a staking partner. We keep 2.5b+ and several bil rs3 on accounts. I also actively take bets in multiple gambling clans. I'm usually asked to handle the largest of pots. Why? Because I've displayed nothing but trust in my many years involved in the gambling community. I believe my TWC was a consolation prize for those who wanted me banned. I dont believe it fits my crime or lack of. Any and all opinions would be greatly appreciated.
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  4. Azie
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    Hattez TWC Dispute

    I'll support the removal of your twc.
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  6. Mootrucks
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    Hattez TWC Dispute

    I support the removal as well.
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