WinSiphon - Tool for getting window handles

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WinSiphon - Tool for getting window handles
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    WinSiphon - Tool for getting window handles

    I made this tool to replace SLaDE's garbage window handle manager. I thought it was a fun little project so I've decided to release it as a separate tool for people to use in case they don't like SLaDE but also don't like using other window handle management software.

    This is what the tool looks like when started up from SLaDE:

    If you use the standalone version of WinSiphon, you will not have access to the "global" options in the bottom bar.

    How to use
    It will do most of the work on its own. It will scan shown windows by default automatically. If you want to see all the shit your computer is running, uncheck that box and hit refresh. You'll regret it.

    For SLaDE:
    This works the same way as the old handle selector. SLaDE has a "global window handle" it uses for each script you have open. You can set what this window handle is by clicking the "Set Selected as Global" button. SLaDE will not refresh with the new handle until you close WinSiphon.

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