What would you like to see added or changed with SytheLib?

Discussion in 'SytheLib' started by Blupig, Apr 29, 2020.

What would you like to see added or changed with SytheLib?
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  2. Blupig
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    What would you like to see added or changed with SytheLib?

    We would love to see SytheLib gain more popularity. What would you like to see added or changed in SytheLib or Slade?

    Some ideas that have been floating around:
    • Changing the scripting language to something more ubiquitous and beginner friendly (Javascript is a big contender)
    • Changing Slade to be more beginner friendly with options to either enter the editor or just to run a script right away
    • A script library to download scripts all in one place
    • More detailed "hold-your-hand" type guides on getting started
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  4. Dev_Zach
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    What would you like to see added or changed with SytheLib?

    Hi @Blupig I actually loved using SytheLib but of course I had some problems that made me stop. I'll list some of them below:
    • The non compiling language made it a bitch to give to sythe people and hold their hand and explain how to run it from terminal (or run from sythelib). It may have taken longer to show them how to run it and install it than write the actual script.
    • I couldn't run multiple for some reason (@Sythe tried helping me but we couldn't get multiple to work on multiple windows desktops). I had to install the executable that Richard created and run it and still couldn't get it to work.
    • It always had to be in the forefront of my desktop for some reason so I couldn't be playing a game of league while running a script in the background or it would just break.
    • I know there's nothing you can do about it, but most Windows Machines have an auto enabled feature called autoscaling. It would break scripts on some machines and not others depending on if this was enabled or not. This caused me a shit ton of problems until Richard figured out that this was the root of the cause.
    • I'm not very familiar with Chai Script or C++, meaning I was limited with what I could do without google.
    With all this being said I love SytheLib and I would love to see an easier way for me to continue developing with it. It's obviously better than any other program for creating runescape bots since it in theory can be made undetectable. Not only that, but I can make it go way beyond Runescape scripts.

    I would love to support this more for sure as I really enjoyed coding in it :)
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  6. Vic
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    What would you like to see added or changed with SytheLib?

    Good idea, some thoughts:
    • Pre made RS related functions for static activities (eg. selecting certain item slots, tabs, bank handlings etc, things that are positional)
    • Bluestacks OSRS support
    • More guidance and help with x,y locator, I want to see what the SytheLib sees, often find the co-ords don't line up.
    • Better mouse movement, more human.
    Obviously these are things everyone can contribute, unfortunately not much time these days.
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  8. Program
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    What would you like to see added or changed with SytheLib?

    These are some things I think could be neat:
    • Have the AntiGCP baked in where if you select a window it auto-runs the exe on it before starting SytheLib
    • Fix the thing Zach mentioned where if you start up League or something it murders your SytheLib instance
    • Fix the GetPolyPoint function. It quits working after a short time of running a script. The issue is pretty thoroughly outlined in the SytheLib chat on Discord

      For Slade @Blupig
    • Adding some kind of integration between scripts and the SlaDe that makes it so it asks the user for variables to be used in the script. Like color options and username and password etc. Then they can save those variables to be used each time so they don't have to do them every time.
    • Ability to choose between going to the editor or a script library to just run scripts on startup -> From your own list of improvements to be used in tandem with the above suggestion

      Those would be my top changes
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