What is Community Events?

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What is Community Events?
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    What is Community Events?

    What types of events do the development teams host?
    The community Development Team hosts a wide variety of events that include:
    • Seasonal/Holiday Events
    • Fun Raffles
    • Competitive tournaments
    • Creative competitions
    • Discord Events
    Where can I leave feedback and suggestions for the CDT?
    There is a thread for your valuable feedback and suggestions, found here.

    Sponsoring Events
    If you're interested in sponsoring an event, please reach out to a CDT member.
    You can find a list with our current CDT members here: About Sythe.org Staff, Ranks and Titles

    This section contains auto-moderation, so threads must be approved in order to prevent things being posted in the wrong section.

    All regular forum rules apply.
    The Official Sythe.org Rules
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