The Official Rules

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The Official Rules
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  2. Steph
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    The Official Rules

    The Official Rules

    A reminder from's administration: We make a best effort to ensure that the person using a Sythe account is the original owner of that account, but can never be certain. It is your responsibility to establish the identity of the people you trade with to your satisfaction. We are not responsible for any loss or injury caused by use of our site.

    This is how it works here at
    • Users will be given infractions when minor rules are broken
      • Infractions expire after 1 month
      • A user who receives 5 infractions will receive a 3 day ban
      • A user who receives 7 infractions will receive a 7 day ban
    • Users will have more severe punishments as outlined below when major rules are broken
    • If a user commits any unconscionable act not explicitly in the rules, or has repeatedly broken rules, the staff reserves the right to punish the user in any way
    Users will receive 1 infraction for the following:
    • Spamming:
      • Posting short, unhelpful comments (such as "cool", "nice acc,", "added" etc), including free bumps on other's threads and bumps on stickies
      • Posting for the sole purpose of increasing post count
      • Posting comments with little to no relevance to the topic
      • Creating multiple threads advertising the same thing, regardless of the section
      • Creating multiple threads in one market section. Additional items can be combined and sold on one thread.
    • Flaming, Harassment, Trolling:
      • Using excessive profanity, insults, or derogatory comments towards another user
      • Partaking in behaviour intended to disturb or upset another user, creating bounty threads on another user
      • Deceiving members or staff for fun, humor, or to cause drama
      • Posting purposely to anger or to elicit a negative response from others for fun, humor, or to cause drama
    • Excessive Bumping: No double posting or bumping in threads within 8 hours of your last post in a given thread
    • Bogus Posting or Bumping: All posts and bumps in market/trading sections of the site must relate to bona-fide (real) trades. You may not bump your sales thread if you are not legitimately ready to trade at the time of bumping. You may not post or bump with the sole intention of increasing post count or presence.
    • Accusing Someone of Scamming Without Proof: Posting on someone's thread accusing them of scamming without appropriate proof (chat logs do not count as proof). To report a scammer, visit the Report a Scammer section
      • Genuine negative feedback about a negative experience with user that does not accuse them of scamming is allowed.
    • Begging: Asking to receive anything for free or asking for a staff position on
    • Thread Hijacking: Offering your services/sales on someone else's services or sales thread
    • Trying to Sell Something that is Free: For example, Sythe's old autos or some free bot. However, selling the method of how to acquire these items is permitted in the relevant forum
    • Signature Violations: Maximum of 350 pixels in height including all quotes/text/pictures in it and a maximum of 650 pixels in width with all text/quotes/pictures. Additionally, images in your signature may not contain NSFW images/text nor exceed a file size of 2.5 megabytes.
    • Advertising MM Services: You may not advertise MM services anywhere except the User Services and MiddleMan Application forums
    • Referrals: Posting referral links anywhere other than in your signature or user title. This includes referral links for sites, surveys, other games, Share-cash, etc.
    • Grave Digging: If a thread hasn't had a post in several weeks or months, do not post in it (except in the spam forum and some other forums/threads)
    • Requiring Vouches: You may not promise/require a vouch in the market. Vouches are given when the user you're dealing with feels you deserve a vouch, and no one is obligated to vouch under any circumstances
    • Exploiting Site Glitches: Blank posting and other things that exploit glitches in XenForo/ User Center are not allowed and punishment will be handled on a case by case basis. Use of unicode to blank post in the Spam Forum is the only exemption to this rule
    • Porn/Gore: Posting pictures, videos, links to websites related to porn/extreme gore, etc, will lead to an infraction. The staff will decide what constitutes porn or gore. It is not for you to decide. Repeat offenses may result in additional punishment. Steer clear of posting anything which could be interpreted as this
    • Ignoring Staff Decisions: Ignoring staff orders, recreating locked or deleted threads or posts, evading censors, etc, will normally result in an infraction although any punishment is permitted on a case by case basis
    • Posting links to "Screamer/Shock" Sites: Misleading links that lead to "screamer" or "shock" type sites are prohibited and will result in an infraction. Repeat offenses may result in additional punishment
    • PIN Sales: Sale of membership PINs is strictly prohibited. Any discussion of this will be infracted. If it continues, you will be banned for 1 month
    • Unban Services: Selling an unbanning service for any game is not allowed
    • Advertising: Posting or private messaging links to other sites is allowed if there is a legitimate purpose in doing so that benefits Sythe users. Market threads may only link to websites if business is conducted on Sythe and alternative methods of contact (Skype, AIM, etc) are given. Accounts specifically created for advertising will be banned. To purchase advertising space email [email protected]
    • False or Misleading Advertising: Your sales/purchase threads must be accurate and updated promptly to reflect your actual prices/offers. If you advertise an offer significantly different to your actual prices then this is false advertising. For a more complete explanation of this rule and its punishments, please click here: A stricter enforcement of the False Advertising rule
    • Copyright Infringement: Posting direct links to files that infringe other's copyright is against the rules. However indirect links are not covered by this rule.
    • Multiple offences permit up to a month ban
    Users will be banned for 1 week for the following:
    • Defacing User Photographs: Defacing someone else's picture (drawing on it, Photoshopping etc.) without that user's full consent will receive a 1 week ban
    • "Trade With Caution" Rank Evasion: If your account has been given the "Trade With Caution" rank (a TWC) and you use another account to evade the rank, all accounts used in the evasion will receive a 1-week ban as well as a TWC. Subsequent offences will result in a permanent ban on all accounts
    • Attempting to trade with a DNT* rank (first offence).
    Users will be banned for 2 weeks for the following:
    • Self/Fake Vouching: If you fake vouches, steal vouches or in any way attempt to pass off illegitimate vouches as legitimate you will be banned for 2 weeks and be given a TWC. A second offence will result in a permanent ban. Offsite vouches are not honored or allowed on Sythe
    • Interacting on Two or More Accounts/Sharing Accounts: You are strongly advised not to create more than one account at If you do, ensure that the accounts do not interact with each other. Using a secondary account that is used SOLELY to bump threads while complying with the 8 hour bump rule (see above) is allowed. Sharing accounts is not allowed
    Users will be banned for 1 month for the following:
    • Plagiarism: Plagiarism (including the ripping of GFX and RS/User Education Guides) results in a 1 month ban
    • Disclosure of Others' Personal Information: Posting information such as private emails/MSNs, private Skype accounts, Facebook accounts, addresses, phone numbers, private photos, etc. of someone other than yourself without explicit consent of that person will result in up to a 1 month ban regardless of whether or not the information is publicly available. If a picture was posted by its owner on discord or sythe, this rule was not apply
    • Attempting to trade with a DNT* rank (second offence)
    Users will be banned for 6 months for the following:
    • Disclosure of Personal Information of a Staff Member or Acquaintance of a Staff Member: This includes, but is not limited to, full names, private emails, Skype/Facebook, addresses, phone numbers, private photos, etc
      • There will be a 6 month Spam Forum ban on top of this
      • A second offence from the same user will result in a permanent ban
      • This rule does not apply to information/photos that the staff have posted publicly on Sythe about themselves (or reposting of the same provided the original thread still exists)
      • For the sake of clarity, an acquaintance of a staff member is a family member or close friend who is only associated with Sythe through a staff member, if at all
    Users will be banned permanently for the following:
    • Scamming: Or any suspicious behavior similar to scamming (attempting to scam), this includes RuneScape name Sniping. This also includes:
      • Using Sythe as a means to lure other Sythe members will result in a permanent ban. However, luring done without the use of Sythe is fine
      • Impersonating other members, and any other similar behavior
      • Impersonating ranks through the use of your signature
    • Malicious Off-site Activities: If you are found to have committed offences elsewhere (as in, on other sites) which would constitute a ban here on Sythe had they been committed here, we may use these offences as an indicator of your character and choose to ban you from Sythe. Offences committed prior to your Sythe membership may also be considered depending on the nature of the offence
    • Posting Infected Files/Malware: Keyloggers, viruses, trojans, etc...
    • Returning After a Ban/Ban Evading: If one of your accounts has been banned for whatever reason and you return under another account, that account will also be banned. Frequent ban evasion will result in an IP ban.
      • Evading a temporary ban will result in both accounts being banned for the length of your current ban plus an additional week
    • Selling your Sythe account: Self explanatory
    • "Blackhat"/Malicious Activities: Using software tools for deceptive, malicious, or harmful intent directly or indirectly affecting Sythe users. Punishment for these offences will be dealt with on case-by-case basis, but will most likely result in a permanent ban
    • NB: 'Counter-scamming' (attempting to recover your property from a scammer) is not against the rules, but attempting to scam someone who previously scammed you is. There is a big difference between the two. You should be aware that if you attempt to recover your property from a scammer, that scammer may attempt to report you on Sythe. If you have insufficient evidence to back your claims that you were indeed recovering your stolen property the staff may be forced to ban you
    Additional Notes/Clauses:
    • If there is a banned account on your IP address, other accounts attached to the IP will also be banned. Moreover, if there is any interaction between accounts attached to the same IP address, all accounts will be banned
    • If your Sythe account (or any other account like Powerbot, RuneScape etc) is hacked, and the hacker scams with that account, your Sythe account will be banned. You must reimburse all scammed members before the staff will consider unbanning you
      • If your Skype (MSN, AIM etc) account is hacked, you will only be responsible if a private message was sent from your Sythe account to confirm this method of communication
    • Name changes are now available. It is a donor perk which can be found here - Name Changes
    • Businesses/Partnerships: Anyone running a business or partnered service implicitly agrees to share responsibility for the actions of their co-owners, as well as any workers they employ. Thus, if a partner or worker scams, all owners of the business will be banned until the debt is repaid. Workers, however, are not liable for anyone's actions but their own (although it is up to the staff to determine who falls into that category)
    • Posting on behalf of banned users is strictly prohibited unless the post pertains to a pardon, report, dispute, or other serious events which they may have information for. Doing so will result in an infraction
    • Anyone found cheating in/manipulating competitions or other such events will be punished:
      • 1st Offense - One month competition ban
      • 2nd Offense - Two month competition ban
      • 3rd Offense - Perm Ban from competitions
      All of these will include an automatic disqualification from the competition and the user will be given the "BANNED FROM COMPETITIONS" user title
    • All game account sales and services (including skilling/questing services) must include prominent and well displayed information on whether or not botting was/is used in the account/service. Further, all account sales must define an explicit refund and returns policy that the seller must ensure the buyer has read, understands and has agreed to (in writing) before the sale goes ahead. Failure to comply with this rule may result in disputes being awarded automatically to buyers.
    * Understanding the DNT (Do Not Trade) rank

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    The Official Rules

    Update to rules in effect from here onward:

    Users will be banned for 6 months for the following:
    • Disclosure of personal information relating to a staff member or close IRL acquaintance of a staff member: This includes, but is not limited to, full names, private emails, Skype/Facebook, addresses, phone numbers, private photos, etc
      • There will be a 6 month Spam Forum ban on top of this
      • A second offence from the same user will result in a permanent ban with a single admin veto on behalf of or for the affected party.
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  8. Sythe
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    The Official Rules

    The staff information rule has been updated as follows:

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  10. Dave
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    The Official Rules

    • Using as a means to lure other Sythe members will result in a permanent ban. However, luring done without the use of is fine.

    Added under the scamming section
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  12. Matthew
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    The Official Rules

    Made a bunch of changes to wording, cleaned up formatting, and removed some pieces no longer relevant to XenForo
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  14. Astro
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    The Official Rules

    Changed the punishment of posting porn/gore from a 1 month ban to an official warning.
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  16. Tmoe
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    The Official Rules

    Changed the punishment of signature violations from a specific violation-by-violation basis to a one-point infraction.

    December 19th:
    Updated DNT attempted trading rules to be more consistent with one-another.
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  18. Moes
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    The Official Rules

    Changed blackhat rule as we are more tolerant now when it comes to offsite blackhat activities.
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  20. Tmoe
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    The Official Rules

    Added: "Genuine negative feedback about a negative experience with user that does not accuse them of scamming is allowed."
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  22. Chloe
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    The Official Rules

    Added: Bounty threads are NOT allowed on
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