Warmane 12+ y in 4 Accounts

Discussion in 'WoW Account Sales' started by gergely1977, Mar 19, 2020.

Warmane 12+ y in 4 Accounts
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  2. gergely1977
    Mar 19, 2020
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    Warmane 12+ y in 4 Accounts

    Hello Warmane Quarantine Squad Community, Thats it, im deleting big part of my life.

    Anyway, my name is Gergely and i have finally stoped with WoW after playing it for over 12 years now.
    Now im 43 years old and i feel its time, time to stop. My wife keeps tellin` me this for far to long now.

    Since of playing on Warmane Since Molten, way way before, i got 4 Accounts with nearly all BiS classes.

    3 Account`s are contributor accounts - So if u donate u get extra coins and there is no waiting in que.

    In 12+ years of GamePlay u can only begin to imagine what a player might have by now, From extra super rare mounts, transmogs etc...
    Nearly all toons have Latest Achivements, so gettting in literally any raid/guild wont be a problem.

    Total on all 4 Accounts there are 4 Valanyr & 2 Shadowmourne weapons.

    To be honest this is hard for me, since it was 12 years of my life in those 4 accounts, but i have to stop, my wow addiction was getting out of hand,
    my familly is my no1 priority and always will be.

    But time has come, so anyway il sell each account separetly or all of them way cheapper price. (if u decide to buy 3 accounts, il give u 4th as Gift)

    I dont want my accounts, my life in wow to go to waste, to just sit empty unused. So im willing to go way way way under price !

    To avoid risk of any ban that might fall on those accounts, il give more info if u Contact me via eMail.

    Prices are not fixed, they can change. So you can also contact me with your offer or ask for price.

    Its not possible to buy only 1 character since i wont be playing, i have no use from Coins on Warmane Website. So you can buy 1 account or all 4.


    CONTACT INFO > [email protected]

    Have Fun and Stay Corona Free,
    Gergely L.
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