WoW Account Sales Rules [Updated 04/01/2011]

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WoW Account Sales Rules [Updated 04/01/2011]
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    WoW Account Sales Rules [Updated 04/01/2011]

    Hello, here are the rules for the WoW Account Sales section. You must abide by the rules as well as the general rules, or else you will face punishment.

    BEFORE posting your thread, make sure you have the following:
    • No other threads in the account sales forum which is currently active. You are only allowed one thread in this subsection, so if you have multiple accounts for sale, list them on the same thread!
    • Post any relevant pictures (if you're advertising achievements or items, take pics of them!) ALL POSTS MUST CONTAIN PICTURES
    • Any other information you feel needs to be posted, should be posted, including contact info
    • If you no longer have any gametime, you still need pics! Read the guide on how to do that here.
    • If an achievement or an item (etc) is the main feature and idea of sale for the account you've posted, you have to post pics of it, no exceptions!
    Important notes and tips!
    • When an account is sold, the e-mail address must be changed to the buyer's e-mail
    • When an account is sold, your secret question and answer should be given to the buyer
    • Any other information (besides credit card info) should also be given to the buyer to avoid any scams
    • E-mail; When you buy an account, make sure to change the e-mail and that you have received the resulting confirmation e-mail in your inbox
    • CD key; The first CD key that was bought on the account can be given as evidence to WoW GMs. Because of this, always make sure you get the WoW key and ask for it to be transferred for another one as you have changed computers
    • Credit card; Don't ask for the seller's credit card information, but you should be quite safe with just the CD key and the e-mail
    • Passport/formal ID; Once you've registered with a name on WoW, you cannot change it, so if someone presents formal ID with the original name to Blizzard, you could be at risk
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