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>>>>TrUsTw0rThY's FREE Services!!!!!<<<<<<
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    >>>>TrUsTw0rThY's FREE Services!!!!!<<<<<<

    First, let me introduce my topic. Yes, I am the same as half of the free services on this website. Yes, I could be a scammer. And yes, I am doing this for vouches.

    A few things that set me apart.
    -I do not play RS anymore (I gave away all of my accounts)
    -I want a detached way to play the game again because I do not want to become obsessed again.
    -I have been part of this site for over a year now. I don't want to lose this account over a stupid scam.
    -I require the people I am training to have a Bank PIN, so even if I wanted to scam I would be limited to things in inventory.

    Down to the meaty stuff.


    Attack: Best weapon possible for attack level, food

    Strength: Decent weapon and armor/ food

    Defence: Decent weapon and armor/ food

    Ranging: Arrows and bow/ xbow and bolts

    Prayer: D bones, Big bones

    Mage: Runes, Staff, and Full Blue wizard suit.

    Rune Crafting: Pure essence, Rune essence, Tiara, Talisman

    Agility: Food

    Thieving: Food

    Crafting: Gem, Flax, Chisel, cowhides

    Fletching: Knife, Logs, Bow (u), Flax

    Mining: Pickaxe, food

    Fishing: Feathers, fly fishing rod. You keep fish, or I throw away.

    Cooking: Raw Food

    Firemaking: Logs (if i need to woodcut i get paid for both)

    Woodcutting: Decent Axe

    Pest Control
    lvl 40+up
    must have decent weapon (preferably something dragon -d scim)

    For all those that are interested...
    Please fill out this form.

    POST THIS!!!

    Order Request:
    Miscellaneous Information:

    Again, this is just for my enjoyment. I am not promising any crazy training. I will work hard, but it IS for free, you know!! Lol, but anyways reply on here if you want to work something out! I don't really use MSN anymore, but I can if needed.

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