[PLEASE READ] Rent accounts with the utmost caution!

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[PLEASE READ] Rent accounts with the utmost caution!
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    [PLEASE READ] Rent accounts with the utmost caution!

    All rental accounts are recoverable!

    Always be cautious when renting accounts. Remember, accounts can always be recovered. There is nothing stopping the owner of the rental account from recovering the account while you are renting and taking all items from the account. Leaving you out of a rental, and out of all of the items placed onto the account.

    Background Checks
    We recommend that you always do thorough background checks before renting an account. What is a thorough background check? Ask yourself these questions before proceeding with an account rental:
    1. Does this Sythe member have quality vouches? (Quality vouches are vouches where the person in question has been trusted with a service or money and has paid out accordingly, usually in large amounts. Quality > Quantity)
    2. Is this a new Sythe member? (In general, older accounts mean that they have been a part of the community longer, therefore they typically do not have an incentive to scam)
    3. Is this Sythe member active on the forums and community? (Low effort scammers typically do not invest time into joining the community)
    4. Does this user have active scam reports against them? Always check Report A Scammer If there are any active scam reports on the person in question before renting from them.
    5. If the pricing seems too good to be true, it most likely is! (Scammers will typically offer amazing deals so that you will rent their account and place all of your gold onto it!)
    Please Note: Even if you follow all these checks you are still at risk of being scammed!

    - ALWAYS minimize your risk that you are placing onto the rental account! It may be tedious, But never keep more gold on the rental account then you need! It is recommended to frequently transfer your excess gold and items back to your personal account.

    After receiving the account login details ALWAYS check this thread: Blacklisted Rental Accounts - DO NOT RENT THESE ACCOUNTS! to see if it is on the list of scamming accounts. This can be a quick way to save you from being scammed! If you have been scammed, please post account login details on that thread to prevent other users from being scammed and make a thread in the Report A Scammer section.
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