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    Legendary $100 USD Donor Retired Administrator Forum Moderator Application Process Forum Moderator Application is now accepting forum moderator applications.
    In order to be considered for a forum moderator position, you must meet the requirements and post an application in Moderator Applications, responding to the questions and scenarios below.

    A list of current staff can be found here
    See also: About Staff, Ranks and Titles


    • Two Factor Authentication enabled. Click here to set up 2FA.
    • Registered on for at least 1 year.
    • At least 1,000 posts on Sythe.
    • Users with a TwC, DNT, or an outstanding debt are ineligible to apply.
    • Account must be in good standing with no outstanding scam accusations.
    The staff team expects applicants to be heavily involved in the community for months before applying.

    Thread Title Format
    *If you are not sure what position to apply for, please put "ANY" in place of [Forum].

    Application Process
    • Post a thread in Moderator Applications with a title using the format above.
      • If you're a returning staff member, you may only apply up to the highest position you've held. Otherwise, you may only apply for a sectional position.
      • Threads posted in this section are moderated. Only upper staff are able to view them.
    • Respond to the questions and scenarios listed below to the best of your ability.
      • You can include a resume or CV with your application (optional).
    • Your application will be selected for review. You may be contacted by a staff member for additional questioning.
    • Once your applications has been reviewed by an Upper Staff member, a poll and discussion will commence in Lower Staff Lounge, this process will last no longer than 7 days. The current team will discuss your application to give an opinion on where they stand as far as their thoughts on your application to become a Sythe moderator.
    • After this initial process, your application will be moved to the Upper Staff Lounge and voted on for the next 7 days, requiring a 2/3rds majority in order for it to pass.
    • After voting has concluded, you will be informed of the outcome via Conversation. If the poll passes, you will be offered a forum moderator position in a particular section.
    • You will be allowed to reapply for a forum moderator position in 3 months if your application is ultimately denied.
    • Which section are you applying for and why?
    • How much time per day are you willing to commit towards moderating
    • What skills do you have which set you apart from someone else?
    • Describe your contributions to the community.
    • How would you like to see the community improve?
    • Do you have any current or past experience in moderating any forums? If yes, where?
    • Have you ever been banned in the past? If so, when and what for?

    For the scenarios listed below, assume you are in a forum moderator position. Briefly explain how you would address each situation.
    • Applications posted in this section will be valid for 60 days.
    • Posting fake applications or spamming threads may result in an infraction for wasting staff's time.
    Thank you for expressing your interest in becoming a staff member at We look forward to reviewing your application and wish you all the best.
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  4. Superfluous
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    Market Moderators Our Community Moderators Crabby Forum Moderator Application Process

    Updated to reflect the amended requirement on join dates: Users need only have been registered for 1 year to apply (instead of 2 years).
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