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Steamaccounts.Org Vouches thread
  1. Unread #1 - Aug 21, 2018 at 8:50 AM
    Aug 20, 2018
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    Steamaccounts.Org Vouches thread


    Hello everyone! we'd like to introduce you our online shop. Here you can buy kind of steam account, any sort of steam account with any payment method you wish. We are a big supplier of steam accounts on many others forums, you can find us on almost any forum you know, or just use Google

    Our service provide almost all kind and types of steam accounts that is possible. We collected all our experience gained for over 8 years in steam community, and now we can provide you the best customer service and the best marketplace of high quality steam accounts. Why high quality? Because when you buy steam account from our shop you buying it forever! Non of our accounts are cracked, hjacked or stolen or scammed from someone 5 minutes ago. No. You shouldnt ask and worry about 'PREVIOUS OWNER' , 'REVOCKING of account', 'How long will it live?' , now you can forgot about this scary things when buying steam account from us. ;)

    Thats not just words! Yes. We provide a 15 days warranty on every product we are selling. !REMEMBER!: This warranty works only if you:
    1. Being a member of our discord channel.
    2. Have posted a feedback after any successful deal under this post and our selly shop (if you paid on selly).
      If any of this requirements will not be done your warranty will be void.

      We can provide you any ordered account type:
    With games, with levels, with old badges, with rare badges, vip digits (4,5,6,7,8 dig).
    CS:GO accounts: buld\retail orders, accounts for hackers, boosted accounts, accounts with ranks, with many hours and many many more others.
    Pubg accounts: bulk\retail orders, we are looking for bulk customers and can offer a great price on PUBG Steam. Or you can
    just buy a steam account with this game for sweet price :)
    Rust & Rocket League accounts: bulk\retail offers, sweet prices also. We can provide bulk\retail offers almost on any game in steam.

    You can also buy any game from steam store with -20% off steam price whether sale or discount is going in steam, we can get it for you on 20% less.
    Steam specialized accounts: Any sort of steam account which will be used as a bot or needs a custom required specifics as to login, IP adress, email adress, unique phone number, MAC, currency of account. Anything you need regarding this you can order and buy in our shop. Or account used as main, with recent activity, high level, hours played at various games? Everything you can find at our shop.
    Premium steam accounts, private steam accounts, secured steam accounts.

    We are looking for partners, suppliers, cheat code providers, graphic designers just msg us on discord!

    If you joined our discord channel, you have a chance to participate in our giveaways and special offers that available only for our discord community: special discount coupons, exclusive products, giveaways, news related steam and any moneymaking into and around steam B) We can help you out with any problem you've got. Become our VIP discord member and get access for more features and special area B)

    Maybe we will update this post from time to time to keep everyone update.
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  5. Unread #3 - Nov 10, 2018 at 9:52 PM
  6. w9allday3
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    Steamaccounts.Org Vouches thread

    Bought a steam account off him for "For Honor" game and was a huge help getting me full access to the account.

    Great deal since Family Library lets me play the game from my main Steam account, thanks man!
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