Somone calling me a scammer

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Somone calling me a scammer
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    Somone calling me a scammer

    So this guy wanted to buy my runewild gold, we discussed and agreed on making a trade. However he thought i was meant to go first and me the other way around. Just because i didnt want to go first to him he wrote on my thread that im a scammer.

    So how do i make his comment go away, i have the full chat on my discord and everything.

    Sorry im new to this kind of stuff and dont know where to write
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    Somone calling me a scammer

    Hey there.

    Go to this forum here and read the dispute rules and follow the template. Dispute a Ban, DNT or TWC

    Make sure to post as much proof as possible and explain yourself the best you can.

    To check your Trade with caution reason, just click it under your username.

    Seems like you might of self vouched yourself and that is against the rules. If you can prove that the user who vouched you is not you then I am sure you will be able to resolve the TWC.
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