silverado94 banned

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silverado94 banned
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    silverado94 banned

    My account Silverado94 got banned for ban evasion. I recently moved back to my parents house and didn't know my brother already had an account on sythe so I got banned. I bought a maxed osrs account a few days before the ban and that account was recovered by the original owner who I bought the account from. I still have access to the original email of the osrs account which is the login but he recovered it and I spent 1b osrs on the account. His sythe name is daxerbate. I have proof of the sale
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    silverado94 banned

    As we have no way of verifying if this account was your brothers, you will need to request a pardon and repay the victim(s).

    For your report, you will need to report a scammer here - you can make a guest post in that forum the same way you made one here.
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