[Section Rules] Valorant

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[Section Rules] Valorant
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    [Section Rules] Valorant

    All posts in this section must follow these section rules

    1. The selling of hacked, cracked, and phished accounts is strictly forbidden and will result in a ban.
    2. For boosting services, you must post proof of you having obtained a rank equal to or higher than the ones you are offering to boost to. You may block out your Username in game.
    3. If you are selling an account, you must post picture proof backing up your claims. Accounts with items should provide a photo of their collection tab.
    4. You must clearly state if you are the original owner or not before trading. Users are free to ask who the original owner is before trading.
    5. An explicit refund and returns policy must be defined by the seller and agreed upon by the buyer (in writing) before a sale occurs.

    Additional Information:
    1. Confirm who you are speaking with if trading over Discord. Understand how the unique ID works and double check it before trading at all times. Follow this guide.
    2. If you have been scammed, please make a report here.

    Furthermore, all sections follow our global Sythe rules which can be found here.
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