[Section Rules] Apex Legends

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[Section Rules] Apex Legends
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    [Section Rules] Apex Legends

    All posts in this section must follow these section rules

    1. The selling of hacked, cracked, and phished accounts is strictly forbidden and will result in a ban.
    2. You may only sell Apex Legends accounts and services in this section.
    3. You must clearly state if you are the original owner or not before trading. Users are free to ask who the original owner is before trading.
    4. You may only offer badge/rank boosting if you have attained the badge/rank you are offering yourself.
    5. An explicit refund and returns policy must be defined by the seller and agreed upon by the buyer (in writing) before a sale occurs.
    6. Anyone who wishes to sell an account must maintain "recovery responsibility" (they must refund their buyer if the account is recovered or becomes locked and they are unable to unlock it) for at least a month after the sale. If you are an account seller and you do not specifically mention your recovery responsibility in your Terms of Service, by default you have recovery responsibility for two years.
    7. All boosting on an account must be done without the use of cheats, unless otherwise agreed upon.
    8. Users may only have one thread in this section, if you wish to buy and sell accounts/boosting you will need to merge the threads together.
    An account with an unregistered email can still be recovered

    Threads MUST display the following information or they will be locked:
    A screenshot of your rank/the badges you have obtained (Example)

    Account Sales:
    A screenshot of the level of the account in a lobby (Example)
    A screenshot of the in-game currency [Crafting Metals/Legend Tokens/Apex Coins/Apex Packs] (Example)
    A screenshot of the account's rank/unlocked legends/badges/any other content [If specified]
    If your account has any offence history you must notify your buyer before trading. Failure to do so will result in disputes being awarded to the buyer by default.

    Additional Information:
    1. Accounts can ALWAYS be recovered, please keep this in mind when buying an account.
    2. You can price check your accounts here: Price Checks
    3. Confirm who you are speaking with if trading over Discord. Understand how the unique ID works and double check it before trading at all times. Follow this guide.
    4. If you have been scammed, please make a report here.

    Furthermore, all sections follow our global Sythe rules which can be found here.
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