[Section Rules] AHK Scripts

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[Section Rules] AHK Scripts
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    [Section Rules] AHK Scripts

    All posts in this section must follow these section rules

    1. You may only have one thread in this section.
    2. If you're advertising a botting platform, it must not have an open market
    3. This is not a review/discussion section, any posts regarding "Is this bot good", "What are the ban rates for this bot", "Which site is the best" will be removed.
    4. This section is only for Auto Hot Key scripts.
    Additional Information:
    1. Confirm who you are speaking with if trading over Discord. Understand how the unique ID works and double check it before trading at all times. Follow this guide.
    2. Check the report a scammer section before trading someone large amounts of RuneScape gold.
    3. Take screenshots of usernames you trade including the chat you get it from.
    4. If you have been scammed, please make a report here.

    Furthermore, all sections follow our global Sythe rules which can be found here.
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