Sams Gold's fake vouches

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Sams Gold's fake vouches
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    Sams Gold's fake vouches

    User: Sams Gold
    Vouchers: enigma99 & samlolly
    Also self interference here:

    Thread: ⭐⭐Sams Gold Vouches!⭐⭐
    Fake vouches:
    - Home IP matches
    - Samlolly has the same birthdays set as Sams Gold (Enigma also has a 5 in it, aswell as 1999)
    - Enigma was confirmed to be @samlolly here: (skype match)
    - All names begin with "Sam" (enigma's email starts with sam)
    - @enigma99 his skype is " Samlolly99". SamsGold claims he's 18 years old in his "about" on his profile, so that lines up perfectly aswell.

    Removed the fake vouches (the other 2 are fake probably aswell though) and issueing a TWC + 2 weeks ban.
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