Runescape Swapping Services Rules and Basic Practices

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Runescape Swapping Services Rules and Basic Practices
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    Runescape Swapping Services Rules and Basic Practices

    Updated sticky:

    This thread will explain the rules and practices done within the Runescape Swapping Services section. If you are unsure about anything always refer to this thread or PM a Staff member!

    Swapping clan advertisements welcome:
    Feel free to advertise your swapping clan here, as long as there is:
    ○ No other thread by you in this section
    ○ No other thread advertising the clan in this section
    ○ No offering ranks or staff positions
    ○ No advertising other forums
    ○ Other contact details provided if you're advertising a gold website

    Thread Titles:
    Are no longer allowed to display gold rates: False advertisements. Valuations in thread titles can be displayed after you've provided staff with sufficient proof from your sythe vouches. Only those vouches that can be counted for are allowed in thread titles.

    Drop Trading:
    ○ Staff will not get involved in any dispute that involves drop trading. There are multiple ways where it could go wrong and there's 0 reason to be drop trading to begin with. If users want to engage in riskier trades, they are free to do so since Sythe is a free market. However, Sythe Staff members will not see this as a valid report if something were to go wrong.

    Venmo Payments:
    Venmo is a payment method designed to send money between friends/friends. They do not have any merchant rules and they do not get involved in disputes.
    ○ You WILL lose your money if someone disputes a Venmo payment.

    Workers are not allowed to make their own threads; If you work for a Goldshop (whether they have a website or not), you are NOT allowed to make your own thread in the RS3 Buying/Selling, OSRS Buying/Selling, or swapping sections, UNLESS you have been authorized by staff to do so. PM a moderator to discuss your situation as we treat these circumstances on a case-by-case basis. Breaking this rule will result in a thread lock, and possibly additional consequences for both the worker and employer, as deemed appropriate by staff.

    Basic rules to Gold Exchange:
    ○ If you're not paying for GP with cash, (ie trading my computer for GP) that doesn't belong here. Post in the Real Life Sales

    ○ Buying RS3 gold with anything other than 07 gold belongs here
    ○ Selling RS3 for anything other than 07 gold belongs here
    ○ Selling 07 gold for anything other than RS3 gold belongs here
    ○ Buying 07 gold with anything other than RS3 gold belongs here
    ○ Buying/Selling Deadman does not belong here, they belong here

    ○ Requesting a user post anything other than a vouch on your thread is equivalent to excessive bumping. This means no more asking people to confirm their identity by posting on your threads. - No requesting users to post order forms. - You can use the Sythe Private Messaging system if you want to confirm identities.

    ○ Order forms are allowed. Customers can use them if they are used of their own volition. I.e, a customer comes to, searches for gold, finds a thread, posts the forum, and proceeds with the trade. Forms being used to intentionally bump said thread for the OP, those will be deleted/infracted.
    ○ Requesting a user to post anything other than a vouch specifically relating to the type of thread they are posting on is prohibited.

    If the gold you offer is outsourced or delivered by someone other than you, you MUST inform the customer. Failure to follow this rule would grounds for a TWC, market ban, or further consequences.

    ○ You are not allowed to ask customers to leave vouches on threads that they do not belong. An Oldschool RuneScape Selling thread should ONLY have vouches from people buying Oldschool RuneScape gold.
    If a vouch is accidentally left on a thread, report the vouch and ask for it to be moved. Vouches left on the wrong threads will lead to warnings, infractions, and deletion of those vouches.

    How to send a proper PM:

    ○ In order to protect yourself and your customers, we STRONGLY suggest using this PM template when sending them a confirmation message.

    Tips to stay safe:

    ○ Check the report a scammer section before you trade with someone; they might have an open scam reports against them. Google the user's name "username123 Sythe profile" to help view the user's trading history.

    ○ When dealing with BTC, always remember to wait for 1 confirmation or it may not end up confirming and the BTC being double spent, to learn more about double spending click here.

    ○ Be extremely wary of using Teamviewer, if the other person asks to "verify." This is a scam 99.9% of the time.

    ○ Does a person's buying offer sound too good to be true? Significantly higher or lower than the market price? Then it is more than likely a scam!

    ○ Almost all types of online payments can be claimed back as fraud; this includes (but not limited to) Paypal gift, Paypal friends & family, Paypal G&S, Bank Transfer, Skrill, and Venmo.

    ○ Be on the lookout for fake websites! Always get a PM if you are unsure.

    ○ We have Middlemans and Official Middlemen who are willing to help your trade go smoothly, if you do not trust the person use one! Don't let people con you into not using one, they are safe and the trade will go just as quickly but 100% safer.
    ○ If your Skype is displayed as a smiley face when you type similar emojis such as : p or : o - A fix for this is entering in this code with your Skype name inside of the code.
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