Rs minigame and non combat skill services!

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Rs minigame and non combat skill services!
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    Rs minigame and non combat skill services!

    My runescape services

    Hello Sythe, i'm doing runescape services for vouches to get more trusted on Sythe

    Service Categories;
    -Non Combat Services
    -Mini game Services

    Non combat services

    I offer various skills to train non combat statistics

    The skills I will train are;
    -Mining (Best pickaxe allowed to wield required)
    -Smithing (This will tag along with mining, if you would like me to also mine the materials)
    -Runecrafting (Best pouches you can use required, and a tiara. Pouches not required if free to play, or if you're pay to play and can not get them.
    -Crafting (With items required)
    -Firemaking (Logs required)
    -Woodcutting (Woodcutting axe required)
    -Fishing (Materials required, will cook them if needed)
    -Cooking (Tags along with fishing, will cook the fish if you need fishing done also, otherwise fish are required)

    Mostly for non combat services, I obtain a certain amount of an item for a person.

    I do obtain;
    -Rune essence (Up to 1,000)
    -Pure essence (up to 1,000)
    -Lobsters (Up to 200)
    -Sharks (Up to 100)

    Mini Game Services

    I will supply mini game services also in the following mini games;
    -Fist of guthix
    -Bounty Hunter
    -Castle Wars

    Fist Of Guthix
    I will obtain fist of guthix tokens, or rating for people if necessary.

    For this mini game, I require decent armor and weapons.

    Helmet: Rune fullhelmet, Adamant full helmet, Mith full helmet, no helmet.
    Amulet: Strength Amulet, Power amulet, Amulet of accuracy.
    Arrow slot: Adamant arrows, mith arrows, steel arrows.
    Chest: Rune plate, Rune chain, adamant plate, mith plate, dragon hide body.
    Legs: Rune legs, rune skirt, adamant legs, mith legs, dragonhide chaps.
    Weapon slot: Rune scimitar, adamant scimitar, maple shortbow, Staff (Any kind)
    Shield: Rune kite, rune square, adamant kite, mith kite, None (Bow)
    Boots: Stronghold boots, none.
    Gauntlets: Dragonhide Vambraces, rune gauntlets.

    Helmet: Berserker helmet, archer helmet, rune full helmet, none.
    Amulet: Strength amulet, power amulet, glory, none
    Arrow slot: Rune arrows, Adamant arrows, mith arrows, steel arrows.
    Chest: Rune platebody, black dragonhide body, rune chainbody.
    Legs: Rune legs, rune skirt, none.
    Weapon slot: DDS, Dragon long, dragon scimitar, mage shortbow, Rune scimitar.
    Shield: Rune kite, rune defender, rune square shield.
    Boots: Climbing boots, rune boots, none.
    Gauntlets: RFD Gauntlets, Dragon gauntlets, rune gauntlets, none.

    I will obtain up to 100 fist of guthix tokens. Decent stats will fasten the process, not necessary though.

    Bounty Hunter

    I will bounty hunt for people if needed.

    I'd prefer high stats for the combat range, and decent equipment. I will use any equipment given, though.

    Castle Wars

    I enjoy castle wars greatly, and amazing equipment is not really required. I'd prefer though, decent defence equipment, and melee equipment.


    For training stats, I will not do a broad range of levels. I prefer to do small levels so I can proceed onto other accounts to do their orders.

    Preferred levels:
    If needed, I can do small tasks at higher levels. At higher levels (60+) I will only get one level at a time.

    I will do smaller levels all at one time (1-50)

    My msn:
    [email protected]


    Leave your msn here before adding me, for I will not add random msn adresses.


    Order form-
    Service Required:
    Amount of item needed:
    Stat in that skill:
    Msn adress:

    Thank you guys!
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