Rocket League Service Rules

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Rocket League Service Rules
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    Rocket League Service Rules

    For services on accounts, the following rules apply:
    • It is service providers responsibility to disclose to the buyer if the account(s) will be botted on.
    • An explicit refund and returns policy must be defined by the service provider and agreed upon by the buyer (in writing) before services are rendered.
    • In order for a policy to be enforced, the service provider must ensure the buyer has read, understood and agreed to said policy.
    • If the service you offer is outsourced or done by someone other than you, you MUST inform the buyer either through your Terms of Service or in Skype/PM. Failure to follow this rule would be grounds for a TWC, market ban, or further consequences.
    Failure to comply with the above may result in disputes being awarded to the buyer by default.

    If you need to refresh yourself with the official rules, they can be found here: Link
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