Rise - A Custom Adventure

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Rise - A Custom Adventure
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    Rise - A Custom Adventure


    Official release date/time: 7/14/2018 5pm (CST)!

    - Finished the upgrade chest interface design (sprites).
    - Finished the achievements interface design (sprites)- Went back and made the information boxes lighter than the background.
    - Created magic combat scripts for all current & future magic npcs.
    - Created my account "Bodih".
    - Fixed bank title (I had changed it for testing purposes).
    - Fixed the bow data code (it was extremely messy) this will result in easier future development.
    - Started working on tier 2 ranged.
    *Items client side complete
    *Items server side nearly complete just have to finish bolt data & test.
    - POS bug fixed
    - Tier 2 ranged bolt data created.
    - Correct interface set for tier 2 ranged crossbow.
    - tested tier 2 ranged items.
    - Added tier 2 ranged drops, npc stats, & spawns. (tier 2 completed)
    - added correct animations for Monkey Archer NPC.
    - Removed all unused drops.
    - Redone drop rates/amount dropped of coins, mboxes, mkeys, & bucks (1b tickets).
    - added drops to tier 3 melee. (tier 3 melee completed)
    - rebalanced starter-t4 melee stats.
    - rebalanced stats on t1 & 2 ranged items.
    - rebalanced stats on t1 & 2 magic items
    - redone special attack on the t4 melee weapon.
    - added special attack to the t3 melee weapon.
    - made starter kit armor/wep set untradable.
    - added drops to t4 melee
    - adjusted stats on all npcs to be more balanced and fun.
    - fixed t1 bolts to show correctly when stacking.
    - morune, ice, & blue dragon reverted to rune, iron, & dragon items.
    - morune and blue dragon theving stall remain as stolen goods items that have no stats but a good sellable value.
    - removed some items from magic equipment store
    - removed some items from ammunition store + added new bolts.
    - added scims & 2hs to the melee weaponry store + removed alot of unneeded items.
    - added shortbow & magic short bow to range equip store, removed some items.
    - removed 4 stores that were no longer needed.
    - revamped the rasta set, high str bonus no def or other bonuses.
    - added smoke gfx to the rasta bong when attacking.
    - added animation to the rasta bong.
    - rasta bong hits x1 per hit.
    - added special attack to the rasta bong. - hits x2 per hit 30% drain no other special bonuses.
    - adjusted rasta bong/spec, when not using the special attack the bong now has a different animation and gfx.
    - removed all unused locations from the file locatons.java.
    - removed all unused combat scripts.
    - adjusted default ranged combat strategy to accept no ammunition data (none is the new default adamant arrows were before).
    - made spiritual ranger t2 ranged npc + adjusted stats drops/etc to the new npc id, made them actually do ranged attack damage as well.
    - made monkey archers t3 ranged npc.
    - removed a lot of unused code with-in the combat strategies
    - found zone for t3 ranged, made spawns for npcs.
    - made t3 ranged npc deal ranged damage.
    - Fixed some capatization issues.
    - Fixed stats on some of the existing npcs.
    - mboxes removed from npc drops & replaced with cash mboxes that drop random amount from 100m to 100b.
    - mboxes added to vote store, slayer store, & prestige store.
    - 1k runes box recolored to be more unique.
    - removed tons of items from the itemdef & made a plan for all existing shop items, minigame items, etc.
    - added all store items to their proper store. (a few additonal items will probably be added to some stores prior to release).
    - added prices to the vote store (unofficial for the moment).
    - cleaned out item action packet listen file. (deleted a lot of unused code).
    - t3 ranged items completed - stats added, needed changes completed, etc.
    - wolf-thorn (t3 bow) special attack added (freezes whatever you're attacking for 10 seconds + a accurate attack).
    - fixed inventory model of ring of riches.
    - added prices to the buy expensive items store.
    - added prices to donation store items that were missing price + added mbox and mega mbox.
    - Soul split now heals at a flat rate of 50 hp per hit
    - drops added to t3 ranged npc
    - t3 magic npc created, stats added, combat script added.
    - reworked many of the npc stats
    - morune & blue dragon theiving stalls now give 35m & 45m per item.
    - 1k runes removed from starter kit & 100 iron knives added.
    - t1 & 2 magic combat scripts reworked.
    - custom canafis map made for t3 magic zone (enclosed by mossy rocks & water).
    - all ancient blood spells now heals a flat amount rather than by amount of damage, heals 10-40hp per hit. (Amount it heals varies dependending on which blood spell you're using).
    - t3 magic complete. Drops/items/stats/script/etc.
    - t4 melee complete. Drops/items/stats/special att/etc.
    - deleted some unused code.
    - t4 ranged npc created.
    - finished creating t4 ranged items
    - stats added to t4 ranged items
    - double hit effect added on t4 cbow.
    - tested t4 ranged items.
    - cleaned up the combat hook task file.

    1000+ customs
    15+ mobs/bosses
    70 achievements
    unique upgrade system
    well of goodwill
    all working skills (except for dungeoneering)
    duel arena
    point zone
    zombies minigame (custom)
    Dooms day minigame (custom)
    flawless content
    mystery boxes (multiple styles ex. cash mbox, pet mbox, mega mbox).
    duo slayer
    drop rate bonus items/ranks
    Tons of client options
    unique special attacks (custom)
    boss combat scripts (custom)
    simple announcement system
    fast paced economy
    anti-scam gambling (flower & dice game modes)
    multiple unique maps (custom)
    Tons of unique interfaces (custom)
    Yell customizer (only donor+ can yell)
    Cape customizer (for a specific cape you can color it your choice using a interface)
    balanced combat (melee, magic, & ranged all are good to use) - Many custom servers you see really OP melee with weak magic and ranged, this is not the case with Rise317.
    Tons more!


    More media click links to view all
    Join our forums: Rise317

    Join our discord: https://discord.gg/3xSJguA

    See updated media & more on discord (our most active platform at the moment).

    Our official release date is 7/14/2018 5pm (CST) We will be giving away a day-1 whip the first 24 hours of release to all new players it will come in your starter kit. This whip is as strong as the American whip and also hits x2 like the American whip so it will give you a nice jump start plus the item model is really cool itself. This item will be discontinued after the first 24 hours and will never be used ingame again making it a very rare item to have a month+ down the road. We are also giving away donor ranks as follows; first to log in receives super sponsor, second to log in receives sponsor, third to log in receives elite donor fourth to log in receives deluxe donor and 5-10 to log in will receive reg donor. These ranks will be given to these players by myself upon login. I will be checking to be sure it is not the same player multi logging by checking ips, macs, cpu ids etc to ensure this is a more fair deal. I will be giving you donor scroll amounts worth the needed to obtain the rank you have won. You do not have to claim these tickets they are yours to sell, claim, or do as you please with them. I hope you are all ready, we have came a LONG way since RuthlessPS & I think all who beta tested can easily notice that. Look forward to seeing @everyone there!
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    Rise - A Custom Adventure

    @Ruthless In the RSPS rules you state users are not allowed to RWT on the RSPS. If that's the case then I'll have to close this thread and when we ever find out you've banned users from the server for RWTing you will be banned from here.
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    Rise - A Custom Adventure

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