[READ before posting] Steam Market Rules

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[READ before posting] Steam Market Rules
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    [READ before posting] Steam Market Rules

    Steam: Marketplace rules
    These rules apply to the Steam section found here: http://www.sythe.org/steam-sales/
    Forum-wide rules still apply: The Official Sythe.org Rules

      • You may not put up an disclaimer that you aren't responsible if the password of an account you've sold is lost. If proof is given, you'll have to replace any recovered account you may have sold.
      • Threads that have ongoing disputes over the legitimacy of the accounts may be asked by a staff member to have accounts verified.

    Thread lock offences:
    • Threads selling keys without a scanned picture with Sythe username next to it.
    • For steam accounts; pictures of Steam ID, Email/VAC status and games are required. If you're selling more than 8 accounts contact a staff member for verification.
    • For Gifts/Games; you must provide proof of ownership for everything listed.
    • Threads selling Humble Bundle accounts or similar. Those are for personal use and the money is for charity.
    • Trade bans are mainly associated with accounts that commit scams and are not allowed to be sold on Sythe.

    Permanent ban offences:
    • Hacked, phished or otherwise illegitimately obtained accounts are not allowed.
    • Cracks are also not allowed under the Warez rule (1 month ban).
    • Server laggers, RCON password hackers/crackers etc. cannot be sold/given away on Sythe.org.
    • Anyone selling carded gifts will be banned for fraud.

    *Digit is the length of the Steam ID. The lower it is, the more unique it is. A 5 digit would for example be STEAM_0:1:23456. Also, all the 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 digits and low 7 digits are made in 2003, which was the year Steam was made.
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