PlayerAuctions' in-house Affiliate Program for Gamers

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PlayerAuctions' in-house Affiliate Program for Gamers
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    PlayerAuctions' in-house Affiliate Program for Gamers

    Hey guys, sorry for the quick plug but I'd like to share the affiliate program we currently have; It might interest you if you want to earn a bit on the side. :D


    PlayerAuctions is a Player to Player digital Marketplace for secure gaming assets trading. We have observed over 5 million+ secured transactions in 2017.

    Sign-up for the in-house Affiliate Program designed for Gamers

    Our in-house affiliate marketing program is uniquely designed to support gamers. We track hundreds of daily transactions on our PlayerAuctions’ marketplace and pay commission via real money straight to your PayPal account for each completed order referred by you. We do it every 15th of next month. So, if you are a small streamer, video game blogger, website owner, community member, or connected on social media associated with the gaming industry, then join our best CPA payout affiliate program.

    Who can join us? Sign up for free if you're:
    • A Rockstar gamer
    • Someone who wants to make money from advertising our gaming offers
    • You have an active PayPal account

    If you said "yes" to all of the above, then join us today and start making money.

    Any questions? Shoot us an email to [email protected]

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