MEGA POE Giveaway ***Playerauctions***

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MEGA POE Giveaway ***Playerauctions***
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    MEGA POE Giveaway ***Playerauctions***

    Win 1 of 4 $50 coupons for PoE Items & $99 for PoE Builds Complete Pack in 26 Days! ⏰ Good luck!

    Are you lucky enough to claim the prize?

    To enter the giveaway... ✔️Join here Path of Exile Giveaway | PoE Builds & Goods | PlayerAuctions

    ✔Tweet + RT + Follow @playerauctions

    How to win:
    1. You must be 18+ to enter the giveaway - Eligibility
    2. Complete the required tasks. When you’re done, you’ll have a total number of entries.
    3. There is no need to purchase anything from PlayerAuctions in order to participate in this Giveaway.

    Win $99 + $200 = $299

    Number of Winners: 5 unique winners, who follow the required entries will be randomly chosen

    ToS or Term of Service:
    1. Our team will manually verify. Any invalid entries or spam are automatically disqualified.
    2. Repeated abuse / Spamming will invalidate your entry and revoke your participation in this competition – So use your entries wisely!
    3. We will contact you by email if you are one of the winners.

    Feel free to come to chat with us on Twitter, or Facebook!
    We will do our best to respond to each and every question/suggestion/anything(!) in a quick manner: @PlayerAuctions

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    MEGA POE Giveaway ***Playerauctions***

    Still going on?
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