[LIVE] New CDT Event now! [LIVE]

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[LIVE] New CDT Event now! [LIVE]
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    [LIVE] New CDT Event now! [LIVE]


    Here you will be notified with a bump when there is a current community event open to participation in a bid to increase awareness of such events. Learn more about us and our past events here: Community Development Team - Members & Hall of Fame

    Current event or tournament open for registration/participation:
    [Funrank, Minirank & $400+ Prizes!] Halloween 2016 [CDT]
    [CDT] Halloween Custom FUNRANK & Trick or Treat Raffle![PRIZES]
    [CDT] Pumpkin Carving Contest [$100 Cash prize + Miniranks]
    [CDT] 2016 Halloween Minirank Creation Event [Prizes]

    Next scheduled event:
    Halloween Maze!
    & More!

    (These can be added or removed at any time, don't be disheartened if there's nothing scheduled just yet).

    Monthly Graphics Challenge:
    [CDT] *HALLOWEEN* Monthly Graphics Challenge #4 [lots of prizes!]

    Live Sythe Quarterly:

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