How will the Gambling Ban Impact CSGO?

Discussion in 'CS:GO Discussion' started by Wortel, Jul 23, 2016.

How will the Gambling Ban Impact CSGO?
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    How will the Gambling Ban Impact CSGO?

    I've gotten my feet slightly wet in the csgo gambling. However, only made a few bets. I won a big one when that Brazilian unknown team bet Fnatic a while ago..

    It's like the video said.. Without regulation, it's open to any sort of manipulation. I think the whole Pro Competitive scene is tainted massively as well. The players are trying to win for their own career and are taking a huge amount of stick if their teams don't win purely on losses of gamblers.

    I don't see why the regular betting sites don't offer bets for e-sports. Now the skin gambling is out, there's a much bigger market for it.

    It'd be a shame to see OPSkins disappear though, as that's purely commission based for providing a service of safe-sale.
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  6. rstrades2k16
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    How will the Gambling Ban Impact CSGO?

    Won't affect the game too much. Counter strike has been alive for over a decade, and it's player base holds steady. Gambling did become a large part of cs:go though and generated a lot of outside interest which was positive. Only issue was that minors were gambling which is illegal, and certain websites were advertising without disclosing their ties/ownership of the gambling avenues.

    They shouldn't remove csgolotto though, it's a legitimate website for 'betting', not gambling. You place bets on professional matches, and if your team wins, you bask in profit. Unfortunately, sites such as csgolotto, shuffle, and wild had to ruin it with their shadiness.
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