[FREE] Earn BitCoins for Free! [No Mining!]

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[FREE] Earn BitCoins for Free! [No Mining!]
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    [FREE] Earn BitCoins for Free! [No Mining!]

    In here is a compilation of a lot of sites you can go to in order to earn free bit coins without having to do any mining!


    Create your own bitcoin wallet here - BlockChain

    Coin Ad - Free Bitcoins Hourly

    Bit Coiner - Free Bitcoins once a day

    Daily Bitcoins - Free Daily Bitcoins

    Bit Visitor - Free Bitcoins

    Bitcoin Addict - Free Daily Bitcoins

    Coin Tube - Free Bitcoins

    Earn Free BTC - Free Bitcoins

    Coin Visitor - Free Bitcoins

    Bitcoin Faucet - Free BTC if able to receive text messages.

    Coin Worker - Free Bitcoins

    Bitcoin Survey - Free Bitcoins

    Easy Bitco - Free Bitcoins

    Net Lookup - Free Bitcoins

    Bitcrate - Free BTC possibly down atm

    Bitcoin Pyramid - Free Bitcoins

    Earn The Bitcoin - Free Bitcoins

    I want free Bitcoins - Free Bitcoins

    Coin URL Like adf.ly but paid in Bitcoins

    Some of these sites you will have to do a little work and others just give you free bitcoins.

    If you have questions, please post on the thread if it's nothing personal to keep it alive for those who use BitCoins.

    Thanks for reading!
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    [FREE] Earn BitCoins for Free! [No Mining!]

    Can anyone verify these work? Before i go clicking around and wasting my time I want to know these are legit sites.
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