EliteSwitch v4.x Source (Includes my custom button)

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EliteSwitch v4.x Source (Includes my custom button)
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    EliteSwitch v4.x Source (Includes my custom button)


    I've decided to release the source to EliteSwitch v4 as i no longer can find time to continue this project. It's coded in VB.NET 2010 using .Net Framework 4.0

    The source includes a few features that were not in the last version of EliteSwitch that i released to the public. These changes & fixes can be found in the 'SOURCE NOTES' TXT file or at the bottom of this post.

    (click the above image to begin your download)

    You (the downloader) have my full permission to use parts/all of this source, but please keep a mention of its original creator ;)

    Source notes:
    Added minimize to tray feature.
    Added enable/disable hotkeys settings.
    Added Hide/show side & bottom utilities hotkeys. (CTRL + Arrow keys)
    Added a toggle Fullscreen hotkey. (CTRL + Spacebar)
    Added ability to change "Take printscreen" hotkey to Insert/Prt Scn.
    Added 'Lockable' Highscores, if you rightclick a stat it will lock so the stats will stay displayed, right click again to remove the lock.
    Added Quick clan lookup button to the highscores tab.
    Added an autocomplete listbox to the Highscores tab.
    Added an autocomplete listbox to the Adventure Log tab.
    Added on autocomplete listbox to the Calculators form.
    Added the ability to delete the username history.
    Fixed the default browser issue.
    Fixed the fullscreen mode issue.
    Fixed dead IRC link.
    Fixed notepad saving bug.
    Fixed About form bug.
    Fixed the counter & timers section textbox colours.
    Fixed the Multi Log form's textbox style.
    Fixed the double clicking issue with most buttons.
    Fixed an issue with the screenshot name.
    Fixed the colour scheme issue under the adventure log tab.
    Fixed the Clan Names search database error.
    Calculator form will now retrieve and fill out the stats of a player you lookup.
    Changed the main form to MDI.
    Removed the classic style menu's (you can toggle their visibility via the right utility menu)
    Minimum screen resolution to run EliteSwitch correctly is now 1024x768.
    Error log now has it's own form and isn't part of the bottom utilities.
    Quick adventure log lookup now uses the adventure log tab instead of the online page.
    When using any searching feature the textbox will regain focus after searching is complete.
    Add pest control calc
    Change the loading style of eliteswitch
    Change icon
    complete elitemouse
    - correct looping of recording movements
    - add options menu for mouse pos list
    - complete auto fill menu
    - complete help webpage
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    EliteSwitch v4.x Source (Includes my custom button)

    You should just pick an OSI approved license that fits your needs to make it easier for people to understand what rights they have when using your source.

    Since you don't seem to care whether or not people make derivatives open source (no GPL then), you're probably best going with any of Apache/BSD/MIT.

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    EliteSwitch v4.x Source (Includes my custom button)

    is this still avaliable?
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    EliteSwitch v4.x Source (Includes my custom button)

    Why would you gravedig a 5 year old thread? I'll only allow it because the download link is still up. Please refrain from gravedigging like that.
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