Ban information / Admin input please

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Ban information / Admin input please
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  2. Blergh

    Blergh Guest

    Ban information / Admin input please

    So interesting thing I found here, and hello Sythe.

    I would like for this to only be looked into by @video @Shin or @Gen as it seems my clear dispute is being put to the bottom of the pile of disputes against people, although others are handled by other staff claiming "they are allowed to place the input"

    Just wanted to clarify some stuff, as if anything I did break the rules per say if you want to hold me liable here by claiming someone's name, but you cannot hold me liable for a staff member who at the time did not act what you feel appropriate. I was banned offsite for roughly a year, and I served my time for my actions of which was then put in the past or at least so I thought.

    The thread that was made 2 days ago was just because I wasn't willing to remove my "review" thread, he tried to blackmail me in the chat logs to remove it if you see them of which he terminated my OSBot account which can never be recovered and then went a step further reporting me for old news that was already dealt with, already unbanned for and long moved on from -


    So there was a ban that was warranted 3 years ago (Dispute against a donation rank) which I guess you could class as disclosure of information, which even if that was the case in such events your first offence = 1 month ban.


    I have posted all 3 sets to add some context, so please correct me if i'm wrong.

    Users will be banned for 1 month for the following:
    • Plagiarism: Plagiarism (including the ripping of GFX and RS/User Education Guides) results in a 1 month ban.
    • Disclosure of Others' Personal Information: Posting information such as private emails/MSNs, private Skype accounts, Facebook accounts, addresses, phone numbers, private photos, etc. of someone other than yourself without explicit consent of that person will result in up to a 1 month ban regardless of whether or not the information is publicly available. If a picture was posted by its owner on Discord or Sythe, this rule still applies. In addition, there will be a DNT given which will need to be pardoned for.
    • Attempting to trade with a DNT* rank (second offence).
    • Attempting to bribe staff through job offers or otherwise (second offence).
    • Tweeting, emailing, and/or contacting Jagex to leak another member's RuneScape Name(s) - User will be given a Trade with Caution as well.

      1) obviously, I have't ripped anyones gfx that's a given lmao.
      2) I can agree if anything it would fall in that part, although technically nothing was leaked as such other than me saying users first name (if that can still be classed as the same) which was also leaked via himself in unedited posts if not mistaken & links offsite which are none of my doing that also confirm his information - Thus I cannot be punished for others actions from years ago.
      3) obviously i'm not attempting to trade with any rank, and also my first offence.
      4) I haven't obviously tried to bribe anyone, so that's again a given.
      5) Nothing has been tweeted obviously, that's just dumb as we are on a cheating forum of such.

      Users will be banned for 3 months for the following:
      • Tweeting, emailing, and/or contacting Jagex to leak another member's RuneScape Name(s) - User will be given a Trade with Caution as well. (Second Offense)

        Again nothing has been done here either as it's related to tweeting

        Users will be banned for 6 months for the following:
        • Disclosure of Personal Information of a Staff Member or Acquaintance of a Staff Member: This includes, but is not limited to, full names, private emails, Skype/Facebook, addresses, phone numbers, private photos, etc.
          • There will be a 6 month Spam Forum ban on top of this and a DNT which will need to be pardoned for.
          • A second offence from the same user will result in a permanent ban.
          • This rule does not apply to information/photos that the staff have posted publicly on Sythe about themselves (or reposting of the same provided the original thread still exists).
          • For the sake of clarity, an acquaintance of a staff member is a family member or close friend who is only associated with Sythe through a staff member, if at all.

            1) he isn't associated to staff as such otherwise you may as well state that everyone who has ever joined the website and posted is also.

            2) I also haven't "doxed" anyone as clearly stated in my dispute against me as confirmed by @Pendulum which I appreciate the clearing up of.

            Again, I haven't doxed, there for a 2-3 month ban or what not that people such as @Shadow Neko received would not be in the same regard, after all the amount of people that have called me by my first name in sythes discord etc I could have had half the forum banned (quite literally) but that's just silly.

        I just wanted to explain this so it can get seen to properly, banning me for 6 months for something that doesn't actually fall under any ruling other than light doxing if that's such a thing is just not fair.

        Either way, I am a legitimate user in the market so despite me wanting this being looked into I do feel that it was not acted on properly but I wont argue the case of who is right and wrong.

        An example of what I refer to can be found here - Good stuff this is just yet again another reference. I was "given warning points" for apparent spamming, spamming of which was offering my prices and such.

        If you look into the thread (I assume @Gen did) you will see, I offered a price and yes I take into mind that the user was looking for "possible low prices" he did however even quote to me, that if he pretty much had the amount for my gp/xp he would have possibly considered.
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  4. Blergh

    Blergh Guest

    Ban information / Admin input please

    So I know I asked for @Gen , @video or @Shin to handle my request, and I have found yet again more evidence of which a user was trying to blame me for as he opened it up himself lol..

    Please add this to the thread if possible, not sure how you are able to do it (if it hasn't been accepted public yet) but if you can that would be appreciated thank you.

    So it goes without saying, and thanks again @Pendulum for outlining I did not dox anyone (hence why my appeal has been made) and banning me for something that should have been appropriately dealt with 3 years ago and was dealt with 3 years ago..

    Here is more to the content -

    So Malcolm yet again tried to get content removed [redacted] apparently we're not allowed, but yet my OSBot account was allowed to be completely terminated? makes sense.

    Please hide these threads and the one above, as obviously I do not wish to have his information leaked further purposely so he can try blackmail me again.


    That's at least 3 counts of him using what he claims is doxing, keeping in mind I was banned for NOT doxing lmao. If I was banned for harassment, please check the rules as it will tell you the max punishment is around a month on a third or fourth offence ty.

    - Dbuffed.
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  6. Blergh

    Blergh Guest

    Ban information / Admin input please

    Sorry for a third thread, just thought it may be relevant although it may not seem it completely depending on your judgement.

    So as explained and previously shown/confirmed he did in fact dox @John Devola , but it doesn't stop there as he has done it to others as well it seems. His friend tried to dispute me not long ago because of the mention of a Powerbot thread (I called maldesto out for scamming and he gave me a perm ban)

    And if you check the users response who actually did the thread back in 2014 -


    If this is the case, not only is there a breach of federal laws which he can be arrested for releasing personal information of such people like @John Devola but he also threatened/tried/did actually dox this person who was at the time under-age in their country which is also extremely illegal.

    As I have said previously, I received a 6 month ban for "not doxing" which was ruled out that I have not,

    And I quote - Having access to his information in itself is not doxing, as he willingly had you added at one point"

    Going by the ruling on the forums, my first offence for this sort of thing is a week or so ban (if I was actually to do it/talk about/trying to do it with shown proof I assume) but I did not receive that, after that a 1 month ban and a 3 month ban also.

    I did not "search" if you will, as mentioned by the moderator who dealt with it, he willingly gave me the information if that's what you class it (as per having me on his social media etc as a friend) and I did not publish any private information about anyone including him especially not for malicious intention.


    Some more terms I would like to make relevant as well -


    Unless you want to say that at the time (3 years ago) there were documents or in this fact 1 document was sent out to "public" (Sythe staff may I add, so it wasn't actually shown public) with a edited name is doxing, which it isn't as nothing was private then that would still relate to a 1 week ban or so.

    As you can tell by my activity on this matter, there was nothing released to anyone as such, my social media got deactivated quite some time ago as well so it isn't even like past the whole 1 year ban on OSBot that I received (as punishment overall) I wasn't punished there either, after having so many personal photos and such related to my personal life/family members on the account that can no longer be recovered.
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    Ban information / Admin input please

    Staff had a discussion and we are lowering the ban length to two months with no DNT because of how long ago the messaging took place.
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