All About #NoMansSky Exclusively Here On #Sythe!

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All About #NoMansSky Exclusively Here On #Sythe!
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    All About #NoMansSky Exclusively Here On #Sythe!


    No Man's Sky
    By: Hello Games

    Hello everyone!

    The release of No Man's Sky is upon us and we want to give you all the juicy details about the game! If you want to know more then feel free to read more about it below!


    Playstation 4​


    No Man's Sky, what many consider an Open-World Sandbox that is set in a science fiction setting featuring an almost endless design, has just launched and everyone is talking about it! With it's RPG, Action Adventure, and Exploration elements, No Man's Sky stands as a one of kind game that many reviewers are lauding as an deep and entrenching game that will keep you hooked for months to come!

    No Man's Sky has been reported to have approximately 18 QUINTILLION (which is a thousand raised to the power of six (10^18th) by the way) planets for you to explore, so grab your Multitool and jump in your spacecraft. Everywhere you go you're bound to find resources that will aid you along the way, such as: trees, rocks, blueprints, parts, plants, and other rare materials!

    A Story To Tell; The Story Is Yours

    Players will find that in No Man's Sky they are the author of their own story. The lore of the universe brings that story together - the Sentinels, planets, Atlas - but it is the player who weaves the delicacies of the narrative. The main goal of No Man's Sky is to reach the center of the galaxy, and the closer one gets, the more difficult it all becomes. Consequently, the rewards your reap from progressing towards the center also get better as well. All players start their quest at the edge of the galaxy, and the best part is that even when you reach the center, there is still a plethora of things to continue doing!




    A Random Universe Of Beauty

    One of the greatest features of this game is a system/tool called "Procedural Generation". It essentially allows the game developers to introduce an element of randomness to the environment. This feature , which dates all the way back to 1980, is first shown in the PC Game "Rogue". Procedural Generation is one of the many incredible features of No Man's Sky in that it allows the game engine to create the world itself using a specific set of numbers called "Seeds", and only builds the areas in your vicinity. Furthermore, having the ability to make your own moral decisions and deciding when to fight, and when to seek peace, is another wonderful aspect of this game!

    Beware The Sentinels!

    Progressing through the game, you will encounter "Sentinels" which are the defenders of the galaxy. When you disrupt the forces of the planets you're visiting, either by gathering resources or maiming local wildlife and/or aliens, expect the Sentinel Drones to come first, followed by Sentinel Walkers if you continue to disrupt nature's balance.Even in space make sure you are cautious about who and what you attack, lest you want to go to battle with the Sentinel Interceptors! On a side note, Sentinels have the intelligence to differentiate self-defense and sheer violence, which is an awesome plus for the AI.


    In conclusion, No Man's Sky looks to be a very promising game that will have you spending countless hours exploring the universe and foraging for resources, all the while upgrading your ship and discovering new technology! Indie game developer Hello Games really outdid themselves with this release. Known for their series called "Joe Danger", which is a stunt motorcycle series inspired by Evel Knievel, this team of 20 people have given us players a fully immersed game that is huge in scope and grandiose in detail. If you have a PlayStation 4 or a PC then this game needs to be in your library.

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    All About #NoMansSky Exclusively Here On #Sythe!

    Great work Seph, will most likely be picking up the game myself. Looks awesome.
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  6. Add My Msn
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    All About #NoMansSky Exclusively Here On #Sythe!

    Watched a few streams yesterday it looked pretty boring to me.
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  8. n4n0
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    All About #NoMansSky Exclusively Here On #Sythe!

    Definitely going to be checking this out, providing I can get a key from the devs. Shouldn't be too difficult with my twitch status but we'll see.
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