READ THIS FIRST! Template for reporting a Ban Evader

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READ THIS FIRST! Template for reporting a Ban Evader
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    READ THIS FIRST! Template for reporting a Ban Evader

    Please use the following information to properly report a ban evader:

    Report a Ban Evader Rules
    1. Please include the full Sythe username of the person you are reporting in the title of your thread.
    2. Screenshot proof is required. Copy-pasted chat logs are not proof. Voice chats are not proof either.
    3. If your report requires images then please upload your screenshots to a site like
    4. If applicable, Skype/Discord profile Unique IDs must be shown.
    5. Avoid reporting users if your only reason is an IP audit match.

    Please include the full Sythe name (including numbers, if any) of the accused in the title of the thread. This makes disputes easy to search for in the future
    Good Example: [User] is a ban evader!
    Bad example: I found a ban evader please look!

    Uploading to

    4 Easy Steps
    1. Go to
    2. Click "browse" [Example]
    3. Copy the "BBCode (message boards & forums)" [Example]
    4. Paste it into your report post
    No clue how to capture a screenshot? Check out the guides below.

    Report a Ban Evader Template
    Link to current Sythe account:
    Link to banned Sythe account(s):
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    READ THIS FIRST! Template for reporting a Ban Evader

    There's an alternative and shorter way to report someone for ban evading too. Here's another template:

    IP Audit:
    Why do you think they are ban evading:
    If you do not know how to link someone's IP Audit:
    - Click their name and click IP Audit as shown here:
    - Post the URL in the report.


    *NOTE: Just an IP Audit match is not enough to get someone banned. Yes there are chances it's a home IP match but alot of people do use VPN's while browsing Sythe or use their mobile. If you do so there are chances your audit will show other Sythe members (possibly banned) on your IP audit. This means they are NOT the same person in alot of cases!
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    READ THIS FIRST! Template for reporting a Ban Evader

    Reports with just an IP audit match and nothing else will be dismissed (even if it is the only match on the audit). You must provide evidence linking two users together.

    Staff refer to this:
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