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  2. Sj
    Oct 30, 2016
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    Recently made a dispute here Banned for no reason need explanation please. saying he has no idea why he got banned as his ban reason was "dispute from home ip/plagiarism" so I thought I would make this report as it looked as if he is going to be unbanned for posting on a home IP

    I made a ban evading report here that didn't really have solid evidence to compare them which is why ban reason wasn't for ban evading but more for his use of a VPN and copying a thread BstQuester

    Here is a thread on RuneMate of him offering a questing service under the user "gega" OSRS - Cheapest questing service, will undercut anyone who offers lower. Cheap OSRS quests

    and here is the same thread but on Sythe [25% DISCOUNT] HAND DONE QUESTING SERVICE ! CHEAPEST ON MARKET.

    They both have the same skype "live:bstselleracc"

    If you look here you will see that Qemo's Skype is gega167 [30% discount][5$donor][+20 Vouches] Quest service ! 100% hand done ! Cheapest prices on market!

    and you will also see the thread above and this one which matches the username gega OSRS - [30% discount]Quest service ! 100% hand done ! are almost exactly the same

    They are also selling the same account here
    OSRS - Selling osrs 89 combat level main
    Auction for 89 lvl main
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  4. Wortel
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    Added to his ban reason, thanks. Please next time less text and empty spaces between the text, it hurts me.
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