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Jun 3, 2020 at 8:04 PM
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    ⭐ice cube's DFS tank vouches ⭐

    DFS tanks hand trained with love !

    ✓-Protect your virginity!
    ✓-Never lose virginity because you never lose!
    ✓-Flex hard with fashionscape upon the peasants
    ✓-Curse at people in wildy and pk/bounty worlds who try to pk you and give them a headache
    because ur nearly impossible to kill
    ✓-conquer and dominate the black chins spot,get 99 hunt for cash and xp in ease and peace+
    and smack the fuck out of low hp dbowers with ur dfs , or chin bots, and any pure by luring with
    your tank and calling team or login and pk them

    ✓- i banged my head against the walls and cried a lot making the accounts, with blood sweat
    and tears and eternal virginity so that you dont have to torture yourself and stay virgin !

    the ultimate attributes of a tank !
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