Something I'd like to share

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Something I'd like to share
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    Something I'd like to share

    Today just chillin at my friends house. I'm checking my email (from my phone) and i had an email from "Jagex ltd"
    It said I had received an infraction, please enter details. I was like "uhhhh... what acc are they talking about? My main or my pure?"
    I look closer and it's runcscape
    I look even closer...
    I received an email from jagex about payment or something and they were "Jagex Ltd"
    hmmm.... Hahahaha

    Kinda sad now adays. How do they get your email.
    Just some thoughts I'd like to share.
    If this has happened to you feel free to share. Or share any other interests to talk about!
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    Something I'd like to share

    Someone either obtained your email from a web crawler that will collect emails on RuneScape websites such as this one. They might have obtained a database of a popular forum with a bunch of emails. Could of just grabbed the email from any website you register on that displays your email. Or my personal favorite: they bought an email list with your email on it.


    You need to realize that every time you enter your information anywhere it usually becomes public or it can be obtained. It is usually best that you have a dummy email address and use a fake name on the internet.
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    Something I'd like to share

    That's an incredibly desperate attempt lol...
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    Something I'd like to share

    I get this on my spam dummy all the time.
    I have one email to catch spam, and then an email for personal use.
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    Something I'd like to share

    When it says you get an infraction .. look closely, it's a fake email.
    It's a phisher..
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    Something I'd like to share

    This is been happening for a while now. I get them all the time, but I always ignore any email about runescape. Jagex will never email you, so any email that says it's from them is just a phisher.
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    Something I'd like to share

    They do email you if you pay for something; RS, FunOrb, etc.
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    Something I'd like to share

    Got at least 20 of those emails on an email account that isn't even connected to Sythe or Runescape. Still trying to figure how they got me as I never really publicized this email account only a couple people know about it. I traced an IP check and most were from the Netherlands lol.
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