RSC Memories

Discussion in 'RuneScape Classic' started by JohnK, Feb 12, 2011.

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RSC Memories
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    RSC Memories

    All such good times, especially the feathers part lol.

    And dont forget the botting, god I miss autorune.
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    RSC Memories

    or STS, made by Reines.

    Brings back my rei-net days =)
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    RSC Memories

    When I met Zonghui in the back of the wild and he killed me for following him lolol.
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    RSC Memories

    PKing one of the first 5 rune battle axes from Danny1880 on my mage pure, then him crashing the servers and duping the battle axe (back when there were no attack level requirements)

    Wasting about a week of one of my school holidays getting 85 mining and being one of the first 80 rune miners.

    Dying in the saphire hut in the wildy to a spider and my friend retrieving my iron chain.

    PKing at the hobgoblin mines and greater demons in wilderness. I have 120 silverlights banked. - Great source of death, fire and rune larges.

    Logging in one Saturday morning after a clan war with about 3 sets of rune gear i had PKed and an inventory full of rune ore. My dog grabbing my bacon from the side (my kitchen was in the PC) me running AFK to grab it/shout at him and returning to my computer to find myself in lumbridge.

    Later killing the guy who PKed me in the above story between the two webs in level 5x wilderness.

    Cabbage patch PKing in bronze and iron.

    'The newb train' - getting some newbs to mine copper + tin together then i'd smelt it all at vorrack then we'd go do it again.

    Colbine said a lot of things I had forgotten. The dragonslayer quest was hilarious.

    I remember dying while PKing because my mother looked at pictures on the other computer and our 56k modem couldn't handle both.

    I remember castle (lvl 11-14 wildy) PKing. and trapping people inside the room end room and boxing the black knight in the doorway so people couldn't get out.

    Dirty X-ers who would fight NPCs and unequip weapon and press X to escape death.

    Adding people to friend's lists to hunt them after the above.

    I remember when blues dropped to about 300k because they were duped.

    I remember later losing a blue p hat in a stake duel when they were 12m, but being happy because i later won 15m off the guy. (LOL.)
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    RSC Memories

    Everyone claiming to be 'pinged'

    The random weird area in the wilderness they added where you could cook pizza or something strange.

    PKing newbs at the rune rocks (and logging my level 3x and 7x pures there to kill the think-they're-smart-ass-level-33-runeminers)

    Selling 'catch' lessons to people to help them PK better
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    RSC Memories

    I never played rsc in the old days :(
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    RSC Memories

    Few more things I remembered.

    Certing and uncerting in Draynor.. that was awful.

    Having to drop trade for large trades because gold would only increase in 1 GP at a time as you held your mouse down and I think the max was 256k or something.

    ^ Having Paul Gower once MM a trade I did in Lumbridge for 20 million due to the above

    The release of the cooking guild and the massive queues to get in
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    RSC Memories

    I was a complete noob back in rsc so dont have ma interesting memories 0.0
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    RSC Memories

    I miss the good old days!
    sweet,sweet memories!
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    RSC Memories

    celebrating musashi22's 99 smithing and Zezima

    Being apart of BDK clan with zar family and robin hood

    staking party hat sets

    the official bunny ears march around the rs map held by kilkus and arc druid

    Fighting ltangel for number 1 crafting position

    Getting Max333 unbanned

    Calling pepsi24 michael jackson

    lots of memories cant give too much away
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    RSC Memories

    I remember the ol' good times when 100k used to be a HUGE cash pile.
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    bluntboii Active Member

    RSC Memories

    ^^didn't seem too long ago ltangel got 99 craft lol

    r2hs were 1.2m-1m for like the first year

    pking with rune long, saying 'woops' and put a bronze shield on lol

    having 99 str legit when auoting came out, auoters wernt good at pking at first

    castle pking as 40 def and as a pb

    luring lvl 60s in rune into varrock wild with your party hat just to 2hit them

    i wanna play rs2 stinks
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    RSC Memories

    You mean the place north of Black Knights Fortress or w/e?
    And everyone used to cook pizza there?
    OMFGWTFBBQ memories :3
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    oTYLERo Member

    RSC Memories

    the cybering comments made me LOL
    i think i made a female to make some extra gold on the side. LOL
    i remember my first santa. 150k then i merched for 200k :p
    phats were uber cheap
    mask sets being like 600k
    buying r2h from some chick who was constantly in varrock center she sold them off for 49k (they sold for 55k - 60k at the time) and 10k profit was huge at that time
    certing constantly to make extra cash
    uncerting so i can cook my damn lobbies
    selling off like 1k coal (uncerted) and taking a break to go eat dinner, come back and sell off another 1k coal :p
    watching zezima mine in world 1.. he was at iron ores.. i swear the guy was a bot LOL
    dont quite remember much else :p
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    RSC Memories

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    RSC Memories

    3 hit rule.

    Camping outside red spiders, lvl 33; to get steel legs and sell 400gp each to gen store lol. - when i first started playing classic.

    Meeting xx jut xx - when the first phat dupe occurred, from crackers.

    shooting little asterisks' as a mage attack.

    Far to many to name, played it from start to finish.

    Anyone remember devious mud? was like a beta classic, before runescape classic came out in 2001, DM was out in 2000.
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    RSC Memories

    Hardcore dueling in Lumbridge.
    Making my first 1m. Got the last 50k from a r2h win in Ardougne.
    Buying santas for 50k when they first dropped.
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    RSC Memories

    Oh Drop Parties were the best I remember a huge drop party that was over 1500 people in near Falador

    Waking up on holidays to get drops easter eggs/ mask/crackers everything

    The first person with a 99 skill

    saving for ever to buy full back for like 300k

    I remember I had so many Easter eggs on my account i was using them in the wild and they only healed 10 LOL
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    RSC Memories

    yea i miss the party hat glitch the most
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    RSC Memories

    I was one of those guys rocking full black

    nah bro verrock museum, and edgeville general store or outside the bank was the shit for drop parties

    This out of all of the things is something i DO NOT MISS.. certing coal and lobsters was sometimes more bothersome then actually getting the product..

    - I remember when membership first came out and i begged my mum to get me one months membership, us aussies had to post the cash at the time.

    - i remember wearing full black armour everywhere even thought i could wear rune

    - I remember having 40 range and low combat used to rape in low wildy.

    - i remember i paid 350k(ish) for my first r2h and i made the cash from grinding coal

    - i remember equipting a rune dagger used to look like a r2h or rune long (scimmys were shit until RS2)

    - I remember you would ask someone where port rimminton was , and you could be on the otherside of the world, and they would usually take you.

    - I remember collecting unidentified herbs and giving them to a few high levels i knew at the time "shirelee" was one of them, she used to give me half of whatever i gave her in super sets or prayer potions

    - i remember farming hobgoblins for the natures and going to skool the next day and bragging to my mates how i made like 30k lol.

    - i remember ranging black dragons with like 60 range for weeks an never getting a dragon battle axe drop

    - i remember the duping of the pink phats [ blues were not duped, it was pink unlike what the above poster has stated] , pinks where the rarest at the time, why would they dupe the 2nd rarest?

    - i picked my santa up off the ground at the 02 xmas drop

    So much other shit i could go on forever , now wen i log onto RSC is just facepalm i cant believe how small the screen is lol..
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