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    I'm considering selling an account to gold4rs

    what do you guys think?
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    DO NOT sell an account to them with all the accusations and false advertising you would be able to make more money here, and it will be potentially more safe!
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    Also how good is gold4rs compared to USFINE
    -Taken on board
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    hey guys

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    Dont sell accounts to either. As they are looking for profit 80% of the entire value. they will offer 20% or lower for your accounts worth. Just sell it on sythe, may take a bit longer but its worth the wait.
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    Gold4RS is a farce - NEVER purchase an account from them!!

    This post was placed on another website approx 2 weeks ago
    I'll gladly comment on
    Some back ground.
    I'm a Dad who was (and still is) looking for an account to play RS with my 4 kids. I work full time etc I don't have the time to build an account from scratch. I'd like to have fun together as a family. If you can't beat 'em join 'em...

    *Middle son purchased an account earlier this year, it was hacked back a few weeks later. He notified gold4rs, it was never returned. He contacted gold4rs and he rec'd the account cost plus a little compensation from a very good manager who had morals and ethics (99% of the other workers don't). He purchased another account, yep you guessed it it was hacked back also. He contacted gold4rs and they eventually returned it. He still has it to this day. This was done without my knowledge.

    *I purchase an account from this bloody company approximately 12 weeks ago. I had it for 8 days and yes it was hacked back. I notified gold4rs they appealed (appeal denied). They then tried to contact the previous owner, no luck there, account gone.

    *I appealed to the same fellow who assisted my son earlier by chance. He too gave me credit for the account cost plus membership cost. Another big tick for him.

    *With this credit I purchased a slightly more expensive account. (Human nature, you always want something better...) Paid for it was then told it was unavailable (locked). And yes this company had my money again. They gave me 2 weeks to find another account, a joke. I'm now locked in a spiral.

    *I eventually purchased another account in a rush as I was running out of time. I had to rush as I don't have time to live on a computer to find a better account. I eventually gave it to my youngest son as I wasn't happy with it.

    * Stupidly I tried again with this company who I thought was reputable??? What a mistake that was. I then purchased an almost maxed out account for $877.00USD. The purchase process was a joke and a problem they don't advertise. They wanted photo ID. Anyway bought the account. I was also made a VIP customer, whoopeeee.

    *Had my new account for 4 weeks and guess what, it was hacked back by the owner. This is where the "fun" starts, not. I notified gold4rs. They appealed (appeal denied) I knew that would happen... I was then in constant chat with their "livechat" daily. And yes I agree some of them have no grasp of the English language and are as thick as a brick as you have to at times repeat statements/comments 2 or 3 times. They tried to contact the seller, to no avail naturally. I then asked them what would they do (thinking they'd adhere to their guarantees and promises on there website). They responded with I quote:

    -----Original Message-----
    From: Gold4Rs Procurement Department [mailto:[email protected]]
    Sent: Saturday, October 30, 2010 10:20 AM
    To: (my name removed)
    Subject: RE: FW: Loss of account by seller appealing to Jagex - (account name removed)

    Hi there, we've checked your order. Since your order was too long ago and it seems that we can't get a conclusion that our supplier did it.But anyway, we could give you a partial refund of $600. You may contact our livechat for the update.

    *Naturally I rejected their pathetic offer as I had done nothing wrong to this company. I was also a VIP customer, lol. What would they have offered if I wasn't a VIP. After numerous "livechate" conversations which were going nowhere I lodged a complaint with PayPal. I sent over 20 pages of "livechat" discussions and approx 4 emails both ways between this bloody company and myself to PayPal. PayPal were sympathetic and they acknowledged they've received numerous complaints, but... The result of the appeal from PayPal, I quote:

    Seller's Email: [email protected]
    Seller's Name: THS international Inc.

    Unfortunately, we were unable to resolve this claim in your favour because the item purchased was virtual or intangible. As a result, we have not taken any action against the seller at this time but we have noted your dissatisfaction in the seller's record for future reference.

    If you still have concerns about this transaction, we encourage you to continue to work directly with the seller for an amicable resolution.

    *I then re-entered negotiations due to the claim I lodged because they contacted me, they were concerned. They finally offered me only $690.00USD via email because I had use of the account for a month??? I rejected it. I did nothing for a few days and then contacted their live chat again. This time they offered $690.00 USD, I could see the writing on the wall, I accepted their offer. Then to my disbelief they then changed their mind and offered my $640.00 USD.
    I took the money before I said a few things that would have made their hair fall out, then I'd end up with nothing. The satisfaction of giving them a gobfull would have cost me approx $250.00USD, it was tempting though.

    That's it people, my sad attempt to interact with my kids. Sorry it's so long.

    I'd hazard a guess the same thing will happen with all of these companies in China like what happened to me. Beware!!!
    NEVER ever purchase an account from this scamming company ""!! They don't care about you as there are plenty of fish in the sea...
    I can't comment truthfully on gold farming or fast gold etc. After my experience do you want to take the risk??

    I'd love to place this post on every forum world wide, you all have my permission!!!
    I have all livechate transcripts and numerous emails between this pathetic company and myself on file.

    PS The account I gave to my youngest son that I purchased (as mentioned above) was hacked back yesterday. My son contacted yesterday. They said they'll appeal, come back in 72 hours. Here we go again!!!!!!!!!!! I wont hold my breath expecting a favorable result.

    He did receive $170.00USD about 1 week ago. He has said he'll never purchase an account again

    PPS After I received my payment of $640.00USD from this pathetic company I rang PayPal again (They started to almost recognise my voice... lol) and spoke to a very understanding fellow.
    I explained "how is it in this day and age they couldn't do more with all of the technology they (PayPal) have at their disposal with virtual accounts scamming from and other similar companies??"

    I also went on to say most of the people who are being scammed out of their money are "kids". I reminded the fellow I was an adult who could absorb the loss (I wasn't bloody happy about it though) and put it down to experience. My concern was for the thousands of kids world wide this has happened to!!!
    I reminded this person most kids wouldn't know how to claim via PayPal or have the inclination to pursue a claim for their loss. Or some couldn't be bothered. Most wouldn't dare tell their parents for fear of a "gob full" or worse from their father.
    I reminded the fellow on the phone of the few hundred who complained or lodged an application for a refund but there must be thousands who didn't do anything at all who probably ended up believing everyone is out there to scam them, some of these kids would possibly start doing that (scamming) as well.
    Of the thousands who didn't complain and of those who did complain PayPal had a certain amount of responsibility to them as well, they are PayPal customers also!!
    He said he would note my concerns and comment and pass my concerns onto their fraud division for further investigation as did a previous person I spoke with days before.

    The concerns and my analogy of this situation I put to this fellow probably wouldn't make a difference as a "one off complaint", but, if ALL people lodged a complaint when they've been scammed from this pathetic company ( or other companies like them over there in China PayPal would have to sit up and take notice and restrict their privileges or hopefully cancel their association with PayPal forever!!!

    I must say all the people I spoke to in PayPal were extremely polite, helpful and understanding of my plight.

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