xHUhX scammer

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xHUhX scammer
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  2. forgotten5p1rit
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    forgotten5p1rit Newcomer

    xHUhX scammer

    Scammer's profile link: xHUhX

    Amount scammed: $80usd Paypal

    Discord ID + Unique Discord ID:

    Proof that it's their Discord:

    Explanation of the trade: Listed on his post that he wanted to get rid of an account for $80, messaged them using on-site conversation. Agree'd to sell, paid, gave me information.

    I asked to then send an email request change to which he says that he'll take a day or two to access.

    I gave him a couple of days and then he said that he doesn't want to sell it anymore and wanted to issue a refund.

    Eventually ignored me after several days of asking for a refund even saying that he sent back a refund but was unable to provide any evidence as I never got anything back. All the while still bumping his original post;

    :eek: Level 122 2k+ total level $180 {I am OO)
    How they scammed: Promised an account sale, later rescinding the deal and refusing to refund.

    Other relevant trade screenshots
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    xHUhX scammer

    User is a ban evader.

    He has been banned. He will have to refund you and successfully pardon if he wishes to rejoin Sythe. I am sorry for your loss.
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