Xbox Account Creator (Working - 2021)

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Xbox Account Creator (Working - 2021)
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    Xbox Account Creator (Working - 2021)

    What Is It I Am Selling?
    Xbox Live Mass Account Creator

    What Is It Used For?

    - It Is Used For Anything That Involves Mass Accounts
    - Such As Autoclaiming/Swapping & Followers Etc

    How Do I Install It?

    - Python Version 3.7.0
    - Install Modules
    - Proxies - SOCKS5/HTTP
    - Anti-Captcha Balance/Key

    How Does It Work?

    It Basically Opens Auto-Mated Tabs & Navigates To
    It Will Then Auto-Input Email,Password,DOB,First&Last Name.
    Once That Is All Inputed It Will Then Attempt To Solve The Captcha
    With The Anti-Captcha Key That You Have
    Once The Captcha Is Completed It Will Auto-Save To A .txt File Called Created.txt
    You Can Make As Many Accounts As You Want Depending On Proxies & Anti-Captcha Balance

    How Can You Contact Me?

    Discord - Extra#0555
    Email - [email protected]

    Payment Methods Accepted?
    I Accept The Following Payments

    - BTC
    - Cashapp
    - PayPal
    - UKBT

    Contact My Socials Above To Speak More About This Thanks For Taking You're Time To Read

    Have A Nice Day!!

    Yours Faithfully, Extra
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