[WTS] Boosting service - LEGIT & VERY CHEAP!)

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[WTS] Boosting service - LEGIT & VERY CHEAP!)
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    [WTS] Boosting service - LEGIT & VERY CHEAP!)


    I've decided that since I spend so much time playing CS:GO, I could aswell help others and get a little spare change out of it.

    I'm a previous "semi-pro" player from Denmark. I have plenty of experience from both 1.6 and CS:GO as I've played for more than 8 years and attended bigger lan events & tournaments online.

    I'm a legit booster, which means that I am not using cheat to help people getting ranked up. This method might take a little longer than playing with rage hackers, but you'll lose your rank eventually if you decide to do so.

    My service is not expensive compared to other services available, I'd say. I take 5$ per win from Silver - MGE and 10$ from Distinguished Master Guardian and above. You can make special deals with me if you just contact me.

    You can either allow me to log onto your account and play from there, but if you don't trust me to that, I can queue with you and we'll rank you up like that.


    legit boosting (no cheats), 5$ from silver 1 - master guardian elite. 10$ from DMG and above. Special deals CAN be made, just contact me.

    Contact me in PM on the forum or simply leave a reply, and we'll take it from there.

    Best regards.
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