WTB Gold Farm

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WTB Gold Farm
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    WTB Gold Farm

    I recently tried my best at starting a modest gold farming operation with 5 accounts to start. I went through a lot of trial and error to figure out the most profitable gold making methods with the lowest skill level requirements. I had two accounts doing blast furnace smithing steel bars and got banned on both accounts. I spent roughly a day or two getting them both ice gloves and coal bags... Needless to say, I'm pretty frustrated. I've invested both time and money with zero yields. I'm looking for something more surefire; someone who's already done it/is currently doing it to establish a bot farm for me or at least assist me in what I can do differently going forward.
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    WTB Gold Farm

    Not sure if this is the right section for the post, but I'll give a few tips either way:

    1. Everyone that successfully gold farms now has been in your position
    2. No one that's successful now will baby step you through exactly what you need to do to be successful, unless you're willing a pay a good chunk of change and find the right person that's willing.
    3. There's a ton of trial and error that everyone goes through to get to place where they are making consistent, decent profit.
    4. Main factors to consider are accounts you are using, time of day/day of the week you are botting, how long, breaks, method, script, IP, etc.
    5. The majority of successful gold farmers use private scripts. They typically are less detected, more automated (muling, restocking, notifications, etc.) to avoid manually doing actions for all accounts, and are more reliable than anything you can find public.
    6. Gold farming is an investment. Both time and money wise. If you could be successful overnight or on your first try, everyone would be doing it.
    7. Blast furnace is an extremely popular method, and monitored more than less used/known methods.

    You're on the right track with finding low level requirement methods. Unless you can find a steady supply of trained accounts for your method for a decent price, typically you want to go with a low req method and use accounts you don't care about. Look for solid proxy suppliers when you start running more like 3 accounts or so, otherwise use your home IP. Experiment with different clients, different public scripts, run times, etc. until you find something that works for you. Then, once you found something that works, keep scaling.

    Takes a lot of work, but if you're motivated then you can find success fairly quickly. Good luck.
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