Why you should go Passwordless

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Why you should go Passwordless
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    Why you should go Passwordless

    I wanted to share my experience, because like many others, I feel like I was originally mislead as to what "going passwordless" meant.

    I definitely thought that having a password + MFA would be the most secure way to secure a lot of my accounts. However, I was still getting people attempting to brute-force logins to some of my accounts from all over the globe, so I decided to read Microsoft's article on going passwordless and how it's actually *MORE* secure for your account(s).

    The thing about removing your password is it removes a lot of the potential for human error in situations like phishing, or where your computer might have a virus or keylogger.
    By going passwordless, every time you sign in you are required to pick up a different device and approve the login in some way. This means that people can't keep trying to enter your password (even if they know it) and then finding ways around the MFA.
    Basically, if they don't have access to your MFA then they can't even attempt a login.

    I'd recommend everyone looks into the future of securing accounts, which is going passwordless & employing passkeys over passwords.

    Stay safe out there y'all!
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