Who's playing on GGPoker? It recently overtook PokerStars.

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Who's playing on GGPoker? It recently overtook PokerStars.
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    Who's playing on GGPoker? It recently overtook PokerStars.

    GGPoker is a new big thing in poker right now, it recently overtook PokerStars and now is the largest poker site in the world.


    During peak times you always see 400,000+ players online, all regular players have moved most of their action here.

    These guys award WSOP rings in their series, and have the best poker app that allows you to use their built-in HUD and add player notes (Stars doesn't have that).

    They have all the features that Stars has like player money transfer and even more like prizes for bad beats.


    Have you tried them out yet? If yes, what was your experience?
    GG Network also has a sister site called Natural that is available for countries where GGPoker is not available (same thing, just a different name).

    GGPoker: https://www.pokcas.com/go/ggpoker
    Online review and full accepted country list: GGPoker Review - 600$ Bonus + Our $35,000 Rake Race (Germany, Canada, Russia, UK, and many other countries accepted)

    Natural8 (their sister site): https://www.pokcas.com/go/natural

    Accepted country list (when signing up just choose any country and they will change it later): Natural8 Poker Review | Free 100$, $35K Rake Race

    Unfortunately, US players cannot access this, unless they move to countries like Mexico and Canada.

    Let's have a poker-related discussion in this topic since so many of us used to play on PokerStars. Let everyone know your GG username (doesn't matter which site) and what you normally play.
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