What you need to know about RWT (RS3)| Source: Trust me, bro.

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What you need to know about RWT (RS3)| Source: Trust me, bro.
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    What you need to know about RWT (RS3)| Source: Trust me, bro.

    Hey folks, I would like to share my knowledge on RWT warnings/bans. It's going to be a pretty long read, so get comfy.

    What I'm about to present is not from official Jagex sources, but rather a chain of trial and error that I've taken the liberty to do so for the community.

    So, you want to RWT but you're afraid of getting banned, good you should be. Here are some in-depth tips and explanations on how to mitigate the risks by a big factor.

    - When buying GP, use a high-level alternate account. I suggest an account level 80+; the higher the better.
    - Buy from a reputable seller! This is important! I know a lot people suggest buying from unexposed sellers, but most of these unexposed sellers sell stolen GP which has a higher chance of triggering an RWT warning or ban. I personally use Chicksgold (neither affiliated nor promoting, just letting those who are interested know).

    -Request for SHARDS! Not GP! Shards will save you!

    -If you buy over 2b I suggest you exchange the shards, buy rares off of GE, and then trade it to your main. I say this because, if you buy over 2b RSGPs you are more likely to get banned. Yes, people purchasing less than that still get banned, but I guarantee you something about the seller/buyer was already triggering the system (that is why it's important to buy from a reputable buyer who changes their IP and accounts often)

    How have I come to this?

    Several unintentional experiments. LOL.

    Experiment 1: I bought 500m on my main account (at that time) using "unexposed" buyers. This triggered an RWT ban. No warning, no temp ban. Just a hasty, almost-instant permanent ban. No shards, only coins.

    Experiment 2: Different IP, different PC. Bought a maxed account from a relative who quit and never RWT'd (doesn't even know what that is...) Played on the account for 1 month. Spent over 300 dollars on bonds and membership. Then decided to buy GP from the SAME seller, the person was using another level 3 account, and bought 500m. 3 days later, RWT warning. No shards, only coins.

    Experiment 3: Different IP, different PC. Bought another maxed account, never RWT'd on. Played it for 1 month, and spent about 300 USD on bonds and membership. Bought 500m GP from Chicksgold. They used a level 3, and told me they change accounts every 8 hours and use a different IP each time.
    3 days in, no warning. 1 week in, no warning. I still have the account and nothing yet.

    Experiment 4: Different IP, different PC. New account, 4b XP, new RWT'd on. In my possession for 2 months now. Spent about 300 USD on bonds and membership. Bought 500m GP from Chicksgold. This time I used an alt level 90 (I always play on it to make it seem like a genuine active account). Bought over 20b RSGPs in shards. Exchanged the shards into GP and then, bought a bunch of rares and items needed for my main (4b). Traded it over to my main, been 2 weeks, no warning or ban.

    Experiment 5: I bought 10b from chicksgold on my experiment 3 account the day I bought GP for my 4b xp account, except this time I had them trade my shards to the account directly. Same IP and PC. The shards have not been exchanged and still remain. It's been 2 weeks and no ban or warning.

    The point here to learn is what you get from experiments 3, 4, and 5. Buy from a reputable seller! Best to use alts, if large sums of RSGP are bought, buy rares and trade to your main.

    The point of using an alt was to save my 4b xp account from getting banned if anything did happen.
    The alt remains intact. No warnings or bans have been applied.

    Hope this helps!

    PS. I used my brother in laws PC's since he owns a PC shop. Experiment 4 was done on a new IP from my new ISP at the time. The rest were either on campus/friends house/brother in laws place.
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    What you need to know about RWT (RS3)| Source: Trust me, bro.

    I'd also suggest buying Rares from the seller and then liquidating the rare for gold/shards.

    I have seen plenty of bans for RWT on this forum concerning gold but I can't recall seeing any bans for buying/selling Rares. If you scroll through this sub forum over at least the past 5 years I believe there has been no mention of being banned for trading Rares.

    Perhaps Jagex's system is far worse at detecting Rares?
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