Want to Buy Gold -- Suggestions, Please???

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Want to Buy Gold -- Suggestions, Please???
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    Want to Buy Gold -- Suggestions, Please???

    Hey, Everyone :)

    Please excuse my ignorance -- I'm a brandy-new Nublet here ... :eyeroll:

    I've decided that I want to buy 500m RS3 gold, and have even chosen the Sythe Member with whom I wish to deal.

    But: I'm scared.

    Is it better to:
    > Make a single trade for this amount, or break it up into smaller transactions?
    >If multiple transactions, how much time between them?
    > Use my main account, or a lower level alt?
    > Choose one particular world over others?
    > Meet the Seller at a certain RS location?

    And I'll probably think of more questions; I welcome all common-sense suggestions.

    Thank You Very Much In advance !!!

    ~ Hysss
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