Vouch Section Rules

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Vouch Section Rules
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    Vouch Section Rules

    When trading, we encourage users to keep in mind that it doesn't matter how many vouches a user has, but rather, who those vouches are from and what they were for.

    If you suspect a vouch is fake, PM a moderator and we will look into it.


    1. Do not bump your own vouch thread. You can toss a link into your profile or signature; the thread doesn't need to be spammed onto the first page for other users to find it.

    2. You cannot include vouches from other forums as they are meaningless here. Only vouches from Sythe.org may be posted on your vouch thread and mentioned in your thread titles. You may, however, mention off-site vouches in the body of a thread.

    3. You cannot quote vouches from other platforms such as Discord. In order for the quote to be eligible as a Sythe vouch, the user who left you feedback on Discord would have to leave you a vouch on Sythe from their Sythe account.

    4. You cannot give or receive a vouch unless a trade has occurred.

    5. You cannot give or receive a vouch for a dice duel, sports bet, or any other form of gambling.

    6. You cannot give or receive a vouch for a trust trade.

    7. You can quote vouches from market threads into your vouch thread. If you list an amount of vouches in your thread titles on Sythe, you must have that many vouches quoted in the OP of your vouch thread or posted on your vouch thread.

    8. All vouches you cite should link back to the original post where they were given. If they do not, you are liable for punishment under our "fake vouches" rule.

    9. Workers of a business cannot receive vouches for trades they performed while working for the business.

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    Vouch Section Rules

    GFX vouches are now allowed in this section.
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