ViolationX - Upcoming Custom Pk Server

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ViolationX - Upcoming Custom Pk Server
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    ViolationX - Upcoming Custom Pk Server


    Greetings Adventurer! On behalf of the Development team, We're glad you have taken the time to view our thread. ViolatonX is a server that has been in the works for over 2 years and that is consistent work.

    We plan to release the server December 17th 2022 as the development is still going on and want to make it perfect before releasing to public, however we do have a public beta which you can join by clicking on the discord icon.

    Our main objective of ViolationX will be an instant pvp experience with flawless switches and content to keep the wilderness fun and exciting, and of course with a little mix of customs to make it more exciting! There will be world bosses, wilderness slayer, and mini bosses all through out the wilderness to keep all of you busy!


    ViolationX has a ton of features, but here are some key ones.
    -Bounty system (Can set bounties on any players head, refer to media)
    -Alchemy Sytem (For upgrading items)
    -All osrs items up to date
    -Custom preset interface/mechanics
    -Pets with perks
    -Daily tournaments with osrs prizes
    -Amazing leaderboard system with daily rewards.
    -Content packed achievement system, with proper mechanics to track your achievements
    -Task trials (complete tasks for rewards)
    -Custom exp tracker interface
    -Wilderness loot keys
    -Fully working LMS
    -Custom teleport interface
    -Newly designed raiding interface
    -Runelite client features
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