ucob/uwu/tea 30$+, non piloted options

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ucob/uwu/tea 30$+, non piloted options
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    ucob/uwu/tea 30$+, non piloted options

    THE DCs available and the time to complete changes between services, please be sure to look.

    November Discounts:
    11/2 - 11/4 UCOB/UWU Pilots $5 OFF
    11/5 - 11/8 Free ucob pilot with order (PSN Only for now)
    11/9 - 11/12 Free UWU Pilot with order
    Black Friday: All pilots 50% off
    cyber monday: non-pilots down to $100, Hourly 25% Off

    Discord: SoulGod#2201
    Capital S and G

    We have never gotten anyone banned using our service, but if it happens, we will provide a full refund. We can stream upon request.

    I'm selling 3 different ultimate services, I also sell different services like Savage, Extreme, Deep Dungeons and more (with no pilot options), Simply DM and ask if we have anything and we likely do. I have multiple people from mainly USA who does these services, but we have some from EU

    Ultimate Services

    Service 1: Piloted clears

    We support Piloted clears from anyone with any role and any Data Center. All you need is a class with level 70 and 350+ Item Level gear, which you can buy off the Market Board.

    We always confirm a blue+ percentile on fflogs, and during early patches (like 6.28) it's possible for us to give Orange+ Logs. This is for UCOB/UWU Only

    We can run down how the piloted clears work and stream it, we usually use party finder but sometimes use premade parties when we have the chance. We will say so in Discord.

    If you dont have the savage fights cleared (O4S, O8S, E4S) we can clear it for you and even get you the mount for free with your order (e4s not guaranteed, other two are)

    Prices and times:
    UWU Clears: $30, Time to clear takes up to a week. Usually takes 3 days

    UCOB: $45, Time to clear takes up to a week, might take whole week

    TEA: 80$ Time to clear takes up to 3 weeks, can take all 3 weeks

    If you buy one of all 3 ultimates you get a $50 discount down to $100

    Again, any device works so PSN, steam and Mac players can purchase.

    Service 2: Non Piloted 7 man clears

    We support non piloted 7 man clears where you stay dead the whole run and simply get a clear, these cost a lot more though as it requires more effort, but this is a no login service.


    UCOB/UWU: $130, buy 2 for $200

    You set up the time and you'll join a party finder and you'll get your clear, we'll also unlock the fights for you.

    Service 3: 1 hour coaching / clear sessions

    NA/EU Only

    NA Prices
    UWU: $30
    UCOB: $45

    UWU: $50
    UCOB: $65

    These are services for teaching and clearing, we will do an hour long service and you can get multiple clears if you know the fight (up to 4). We can teach via vc or text and can do any strats that cater to you. We will set up a time in discord.

    Again, we also do services other than ultimates like savage and deep dungeons.

    We do multiple payment methods including paypal, paysafecard and gift card.

    Discord is SoulGod#2201

    None of these services are botted and are handdone.
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