Thirstee - HC Ironman Barrow Gloves Service Scam

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Thirstee - HC Ironman Barrow Gloves Service Scam
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  2. jc5567
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    Thirstee - HC Ironman Barrow Gloves Service Scam

    Scammer's profile link: Thirstee

    Amount scammed: 550m (has refunded roughly 100m, if that, to me.)

    Discord ID + Unique Discord ID: #Thirst0001 - account is deleted. You can verify this by adding the account on discord, a different UID pops up then what is shown on Thirstee's profile.

    138797381536710656 - UiD on Sythe profile and on discord as video below shows.

    Proof that it's their Discord: this is a copy of a Sythe PM Thirstee sent me. You can see the exact same messages from screenshot 1 shown.

    This video will show the UID on the account is the same one Thirstee mentions as his on his profile page. - - here is a video of the FIRST initial 400m transaction. You can see their discord on the side and match it to screenshot 4. (please hide link as character name) - screenshot 4

    Explanation of the trade: Thirstee was hired to do barrows gloves on a fresh HC Iron man for me. I was initially told this would be done, with Thirstee being pretty confident it would only be about a month. It ended up being much longer then that and the account died. The price was 550m, I paid Thirstee 400m initially and then 150m 3 days later (can see payment via discord chat).

    Please take note of Thirstee's ToS in screenshot 3. -
    It does not say he is not responsible for any HC deaths and I even ask him about what would happen. I agreed on a redo or fair compromise. A fair compromise to me would be if the HC died within 2 weeks and he offered me a majority refund or a complete redo (as stated, but never offered). I was made to wait months and months and not given either option, with him initially only wanting to give me a quarter of the services price ($100). A fair compromise on my end would be more then initial investment, due to time loss, but I am happy with just a refund.

    How they scammed: Thirstee kept me updated initially through the process, but then he started having problems. He kept complaining about how hard it was with his internet connection and progress slowed down. He ended up getting poisoned and I was chill and let him save the HC status by waiting for a bond to run out. Then it ended up being another month and it still was not done. Then I received a message that Thirstee's worker had died on the account.

    Thirstee offered me usd, free cod lobbies (lol), or a gp refund. Asked me how much I wanted and I said the original price. He said $100 is more on the fair side due to things like graceful being done on the account. I disagreed and said a quarter of what I paid for a job that took twice as long that you end up failing is not a reasonable compromise. He said he understands and it was 550m osrs. -

    When asking for payment Thirstee kept putting me off saying he can only do crypto at the moment. When I gave him my crypto address he did not reply for days and when he did crypto was suddenly a problem, could only give me a small amount via PayPal. Thirstee ended up refunding me $50 AUD (about 1/8th of the total order). This was a "for now" payment as screenshots verify, never received full amount. Never heard from Thirstee again, last message he sent was "apologies nothings been going good for me irl".

    Other relevant trade screenshots:
    Here is a copy of all relevant discord chat -
    The entire chat would be a lot of screenshots as this is something that took place over months and months.

    Here is a video showing it is same chat.
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    Thirstee - HC Ironman Barrow Gloves Service Scam

    @Thirstee has been DNT'd. He will have to resolve this debt with you and request a pardon if he wants it removed.

    I am sorry for your loss,
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